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Student Lawyer: The Law Student Evolution Issue


Ever feel like you’re going to forget something important while you’re immersed in law school? No worries. Student Lawyer has rounded up a handy guide of to-dos—things to not forget as you evolve from a law student to a lawyer. There’s lots to accomplish from 1L to 2L to 3L, so make sure you’ve got it covered so you’re ready to devote your full attention to that ultimate final exam—the bar.

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Your law school checklist: From 1L to graduation
ChecklistAs the academic year begins to wind down, you may find your looming finals are taking priority over everything else in your life. Yes, you should focus on your upcoming exams in the short term. But it’s also important to remember that there are always long-term considerations in your law school career for which you should be planning. Here’s a road map to help you stay on top of all your obligations.

2L: Your year of transformation from law student to lawyer
2LLaw school is a transitional time. It’s several years of preparing to cross from being a student to being a professional. Here are a few areas for you to begin thinking about now to help reduce that mental burden and help you make your way toward being a professional in the legal field.

The chrysalis year: What to do during your time as a 3L
Butterfly and ChrysalisConsider this final year to be the chrysalis phase of law school—that time where you’re changing from being a law student into a baby lawyer. Here are some things to consider as you come down the home stretch of law school, where the light at the end of the tunnel has become the finish line.

Pro Bono
Advocating for justice on an international level with the Clooney Foundation
Trial Watch“Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” said George and Amal Clooney when they launched Trial Watch. The statement is fitting for the Trial Watch program, which today puts monitors in global courtrooms around the world to ensure that global human rights and fair trial standards are upheld. And you can join the effort.

Your Money
Student loan strategies: Life after law school
Working on FinancesSo far, your path has led to two overarching goals—graduating law school and getting past the bar exam on the first try. You set off, did the work, and now you can finally see the mountaintop—graduation, signaling the next season of your life. Before you get there, though, you have a few obstacles yet to climb, starting with figuring out what comes next with your student loans. Here’s a three-step guide to setting your course for student loan repayment, with a few cautionary tips along the way.

The life cycle of a student lawyer
Life CycleLike a brand manager managing a product life cycle, where you are in law school creates an opportunity for you to allocate resources most effectively to manage your career. Beyond studying hard, you have choices to make about how to spend your most limited resource, your time. What pulls your focus should vary from first year, through summer jobs, and through the bar exam to help you best choose how to market yourself for your post law school career.

Bar Passage
Student Success 101: Reduce distractions and increase focus
Distractionscombating e-distractions is particularly challenging for students when the very same place you must go for your syllabus or homepage during bar review, to access readings, listen to lectures, and upload assignments is precisely the same place that carries endless distractions.
How to Track, Then Budget, Your Time

I Wish I’d Known
I Wish I’d Known: Dennis W. Archer
Dennis ArcherI’ve learned many things throughout my career, but I wish I’d have known in law school how incredibly important the practice of law is. I knew that generally, but I didn’t have the experience at the time to understand how it could truly change people’s lives and the world and how, if you’re called to the practice of law, you can be a force in propelling that change.

Saying Goodbye

Dayna Maeder
What’s next? Our options are practically endless
GraduationI’ve thought a lot about what to write in this, my very last editor’s note. At the end, I realized this magazine is so much more than present tense. It has served us well in preparing us for the future, and the future is just like us—we’re a tapestry of different histories and experiences and passions—and life after law school will lead us all to different paths and careers.

Jessica Gilgor
Goodbye, Law Student Division; Hello, Young Lawyers Division
Jessica GilgorAs I sat at my computer, trying to find the words to say, debating all the right ways to say them, I found myself surprisingly speechless. So instead of trying to find the words to say, I started writing. Writing anything that came to mind that would accurately reflect the emotions I wanted to share. This is the result.

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