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Student Lawyer: The Pandemic Issue

The Pandemic Issue

Unlike the popular perception, lawyers have always been willing to help others. The pandemic is just the latest example. This issue of Student Lawyer Magazine looks at the summer of change for all its beauty.

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Lawyers did good during the pandemic (as usual)
Lawyers did good during the pandemic as usualLawyers do exceptional things every day. For many, that continued, even increased, during the pandemic. Throughout the country, lawyers mobilized to support their communities and, through their efforts, demonstrated their commitment to service and their community. Here are snapshots of how lawyers have changed lives with their volunteer work during the pandemic.

What we did on our summer (lockdown) vacation
What we did on our summer lockdown vacationCOVID-19 has meant that law students have had to be creative. For months, sometimes even for years, they’ve developed networks to achieve the career they wanted. Then the pandemic happened. For some law students, things have worked out. Others, however, are still trying to find their best path.

ABA Leaders to law students: ‘We hear you’
ABA Leaders to law studentsThe future is uncertain for law students, and ABA Presidents Judy Perry Martinez and Trish Refo are leading the ABA in an effort to make it less so.

Bar Passage
Preparing for the bar exam and practice during a pandemic
Preparing for the bar exam and practice during a pandemicIn any other year, 2020 law school graduates would have taken the July bar exam and would now be working or looking for law jobs while awaiting bar exam results. But this is no ordinary year. The events of this spring and summer have disrupted nearly everything that seemed routine just months ago.

Your Money
The financial lessons of the pandemic
The financial lessons of the pandemicEven though this new “abnormal” won’t last forever, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be far reaching. Though we’ve all been hit in different ways, there are financial lessons you can take from current events to help protect you against financial insecurity in the future.

Pro Bono
How a law student sparked a mass pro bono movement
How a law student sparked a mass pro bono movementA tweet during the pandemic resulted in law students and paralegals volunteering more than 2,500 hours of their time for others.

Chaos and your career: Welcome to 2020
Chaos and your careerThe good news, despite all the chaos swirling around us, is that lawyers will continue to be needed. But even with an increased workload, no one can guarantee an uptick in the number of legal jobs, where those jobs will turn out to be, or even when new hiring might occur. What does that mean for you? Here’s what we know.

Head of the Class
Haley Taylor Schlitz: Writing what she knows
Haley Taylor Schlitz Writing what she knowsIn her spare time during law school, Haley Taylor Schlitz and her mother published a book on homeschooling for Black children. The source of their expertise? Their own experience.

I Wish I’d Known
U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham: Know the real issue
Joe CunninghamWhen you’re faced with a challenge, start drilling to figure out how to best focus your efforts.

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