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Student Lawyer: How to get good grades in law school


There’s a lot to learn in law school. The September/October 2021 issue of Student Lawyer magazine is here to help you learn how to learn. Our first issue of the school year covers a balanced approach to studying, studying as a group effort, and how to ace legal writing.

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Get the grades, avoid the burnout
Study TipsWhether you’re just finishing up your first semester or getting ready for the bar exam, you know that “once in a while” doesn’t usually cut it. Still, too much studying can cause burnout. By adopting small changes in study habits, you can develop the skills you need to get the grades without the burnout.

You’ve started a law school study group—now what?
Study GroupsMembers of the strongest study groups agree to set ground rules and take studying seriously—and become friends along the way. Here are five tips to hit the ground running once you’ve formed your law school study group.

How to ace legal writing
Legal Writing SuccessYou may be adjusting to your first legal writing course, where you’re expected to learn to research and write like a lawyer all in one semester. It’s daunting. Don’t let reaching for an A get in the way of mastering the writing skills you need to be a good lawyer.

Tips for success for neurodiverse law students
Neurodiverse Law StudentsLaw school can be a melting pot when it comes to the student body, and one way students differ is in neurodiversity. So how might the law school journey change for someone who’s neurodivergent? Are there additional obstacles and challenges for these students that neurotypical students wouldn’t usually encounter? Read on.

Don’t let law school grades determine whether you make the grade
Bad Law School GradesLaw school grades are simply one indicator of your legal potential. Those little letters don’t define or determine your future. In the end, grades are basically a matter of the mind. If you don’t mind, they may not matter (at least not all that much).

The Five Horsemen of the (Law School Essay Exam) Apocalypse
How to Write Law School EssaysThe original Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were harbingers of doom. When an apocalyptic grade is assigned by your professor, it can often be attributed to one of what may be called the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These five horsemen can sometimes be heard riding past as you draft your response to an examination essay question

Not a cheater? Are you sure? What to know about cheating in law school
Cheaters in ClassHow common is cheating in law school? It’s incredibly rare. But it also looks different than what you might think. Here are tactics for protecting yourself and your career against an accusation—or, even worse, a finding— of cheating.

I Wish I’d Known
Leah Ward Sears: Represent yourself as well as you represent your clients
Leah Ward SearsIf a person isn’t bringing something significant to your life, not treating you how you’d like to be treated, isn’t living up to his or her agreements with you, or simply isn’t the type of person you want or need him or her to be, you should distance yourself.

Bar Passage
Let positive thoughts about the bar exam process and the future keep you on track
Taking the Bar ExamLaw students aren’t yet those who decide licensing requirements. So keep all your thoughts on bettering the system alive, but don’t let them distract or deter you from your immediate goals. Keep reading, keep thinking, and keep engaged in the governance of our profession.

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