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Student Lawyer: Imagine, Then Build Your Future


It’s time to construct your legal career—and Student Lawyer’s latest issue has some more tools for your toolbox. What’s ahead in the future of legal ethics? Can open-source textbooks help defray the costs of law school? How is the pandemic affecting your law student peers? And what do you do with your law degree if you’re leaving the state—or the law completely? We’ve got the answers in the March-April-May 2022 issue.

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The Future of Legal Ethics
The Future of Legal EthicsLegal ethics: It’s not a class in your first-year curriculum. It’s a concept that will follow your every decision as a lawyer. And, just like the law itself, ethics rules are evolving.

Becoming a National Security Lawyer: Choose Your Own Adventure
Becoming a National Security LawyerHere’s what to focus on to improve your odds of breaking into this burgeoning legal specialty. Given the variety of national security–related legal jobs, the pathways to practicing in the specialty are diverse.

Survey Details How Law Students Have Been Affected by the Pandemic
Survey Details How Law Students Have Been Affected by the PandemicIt’s no surprise that the most recent LSSSE results show that law students across the country felt the force of the pandemic.

Open-Source Law Textbooks: The Answer to the Book Buying Burden?
Open-Source Law TextbooksProfessors are writing their own open-source digital law school textbooks, a move that could save big bucks for law students.

Imposter Syndrome: Feeling Like Your Secret Is About to Be Discovered?
Imposter Syndrome: Feeling Like Your Secret Is About to Be Discovered?Imposter syndrome is all about my own perception of who I am, and that perception is often influenced by how I perceive others, how much time I spend connecting with others, and the classes and activities I participate in.

Leaving The Law: Finding the Right Mix for Your Passions
Leaving The LawOffering legal career advice or mixing up cocktails—both can help members of the bar. Don’t forget to find your passion.

Bar Passage
Want to Pass the Bar Exam? Start Saving Money
Want to Pass the Bar Exam? Start Saving MoneyWithout a solid financial footing (for what is a far costlier venture than many realize), it’s nearly impossible to engage in the sort of in-depth focus needed for law school, bar exam, and your professional success.

I Wish I’d Known
Jill Wine-Banks: The Journey Is the Point
Jill Wine-BanksSometimes it’s good not to know the challenges and opportunities you’ll face. I wish I’d known that not knowing and discovering things for yourself is part of the adventure of life and that making mistakes and learning from them is invaluable. Nothing impresses the lesson better than learning it on your own.

More From the Young Lawyers Division

Stuff I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started My First Law Job
Stuff I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started My First Law JobLaw school reshapes the way you think, but its standard curriculum doesn’t provide you with everyday tips to jump-start your career when you begin practicing. Want to crush your first legal position—and every one after that? Follow these 11 suggestions.

How to Prepare for the Bar Exam in a Second State
How to Prepare for the Bar Exam in a Second StateIf you decide to move to a new state after you begin practicing, however, you may not have a choice about taking the bar exam again. Studying for the bar exam for the second time in a new state may require some unique considerations you don’t have to think about this first time around. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a second bar exam.

What Is Bar Reciprocity, and How Does It Work?
What Is Bar Reciprocity and How Does It WorkWhat if, after you begin to practice law, you decide it’s time to move to another state? Turns out, you may not have to retake the bar exam. If you’ve passed the bar exam in one jurisdiction but are looking to practice law in another, here’s what to know about whether you need to retest.

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