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A note from the chair


Dear Colleagues:

I am Lannette Richardson, a student at Southern University Law Center (SULC), a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. First, thank you for affording me the opportunity to serve you for two terms, as Vice Chair, and now as your Chair.

The past two years have been a true testament to our resiliency, flexibility, and innovation. Our response to adversity has forever changed the legal education landscape. We advocated fiercely for policies that promote a healthier classroom environment, the reduction of student loan debt, increased digital communication methods, and effective online learning.

The pandemic is still present. Our fight to receive a quality legal education in healthy environments will continue. The fight to reduce student loan debt will continue. The fight to promote more effective digital communication and online learning methods will continue. For these reasons, and many more, the Law Student Division Council will need consistency and continuity in its leadership. It is my honor and humble request that you support me once more, by giving me your vote of confidence, to serve one final time, as your 2022-2023 Chair.

As your 2022-2023 Chair, I will continue to listen, advocate, fight, and collect wins for progressive policies and programming. I will continue to be available to you and compassionate about your needs. We have accomplished so much together. Why stop now? I am eager to apply all that I have learned during my tenure to further elevate our voices.

Presently, I work as a Chief Financial and Operating Officer for an environmentally conscious, civil engineering and construction management company that is committed to advancing underestimated and disadvantaged individuals. It operates as a 100% employee owned, targeted small business, and is proudly Afro – Latinx, Black Womyn and LGBTQ owned. I am also an Intern for Espinosa Kearney Law Group and will later begin an internship with the National Football League (NFL) Films – Corporate.

I have a demonstrated leadership background. I served as the National Director of Programming and Events for the National Black Law Students Association. I am the Treasurer for the National Institute of Community Enlightenment. I have been a national board member and Chairwoman for my sorority, and my local alumnae association’s Treasurer. At the local level, I am the Secretary of the Baton Rouge charter of the NAACP, and hold leadership roles in Junior League, SULC Trial Advocacy Board, and SULC Women in Law. Finally, I am a former Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus fellow.

Thank you again for affording me the opportunity to serve as your Chair. I respectfully and humbly request your continued support and vote of confidence to serve as your 2022-2023, National Chair.

This was originally written as Lannette’s statement for candidacy in the 2022-2023 elections.

Lannette M. Richarson Lannette M. Richarson is a 3L at Southern University Law Center. She has a B.A in Spanish and an M.B.A in Gaming Management. She serves as the ABA Law Student Division’s Chair for 2021-2022, and will serve in that role in 2022-2023. She also previously served as the National Director of Programming & Events for the National Black Law Students Association