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Author: ABA Law Student Division

ABA Law Student Division The Law Student Division empowers law student by providing them with meaningful connections to practicing professionals, job resources, relevant programming, and practical skills competitions. We represent the law student community by advocating for policies that improve legal education, champion diversity, and strengthen public service.

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Loan Consolidation

Consolidating Versus Refinancing Your Student Loans

May 06, 2022

LeAndra Ross, AFC® from non-profit AccessLex Institute discusses the pros and cons of student loan consolidation and refinancing.  The Virtual Office Hours series connects you with experts to help you thrive as a law student and prepare for life after law school. 

embers of the US Military carrying the American flag marching down the street during the Indy 500 Parade. (Roberto Galan / iStock)

Military Legal Practice and Perspectives on the Law of War

April 26, 2022

Major General John Altenburg was instrumental in transforming the practice of law in the military through his leadership and immersive approaches for military lawyer training. Meg Steenburgh talks with General Altenburg about the legal infrastructure of the United States Military, his thoughts on the law of war and

Announcing the 2022-2023 Law Student Division Council-elect

April 13, 2022

The results of the elections for the 2022-2023 Law Student Division Council have been tabulated. Here are your new council-elect: [table id=32 /] The Director of Legal Education is an appointed position, and the new director will be announced at a later

2022 ABA Arbitration Competition Results

April 01, 2022

Here are the schools who competed at this year’s Arbitration National Finals: Brooklyn Law School—Brooklyn, NYCreighton University School of Law—Omaha, NEFordham University School of Law—New York, NYGeorgetown University Law Center—Washington D.C.Mercer University School of Law—Macon, GAMichigan State University College of Law—East Lansing, MINew York

2021-2022 ABA Negotiation Competition Results

April 01, 2022

Here are the schools who competed at this year’s Negotiation National Finals: 1.         Baylor University School of Law 2.         University of Georgia School of Law 3.         University of Maryland Law 4.         University of St. Thomas School of Law 5.         University of Oklahoma Law 6.         Benjamin

Law Student Podcast

Understanding the Weaponization of Social Media with P.W. Singer

March 28, 2022

Information and disinformation campaigns are centuries old, but our social media era has given new and rapid thrust to the sharing of ideas, both for good and ill intent. Meg Steenburgh and Peter W. Singer discuss his book, LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media, which analyzes the poisonous

Bar Exam Studying

8 Essential Tips for First Time Bar Exam Takers

March 25, 2022

Planning to take the bar exam soon? Looking to get ahead and start preparing for the bar exam early? Make sure you are on the right track to pass the bar exam the first time with these easy to implement tips! The Virtual Office Hours

Law Student Podcast

Do We Really Need the Bar Exam? (podcast)

January 15, 2022

Recent bar exam criticisms have left many in the legal sphere questioning whether the test really does what it claims. Is it still an essential step in legal licensure, or is it just a tired tradition? To help law students understand the many facets of this issue, Meg

Law Student Podcast

Law School, Lawyering, and How One Relates to the Other

December 27, 2021

Podcast host Meg Steenburgh welcomes recent grad Shannon Knapp and fellow law students Sarah Roberts and Tiffany Love to get their perspectives on law school, legal practice, and life! They each discuss their unique student and real-world experiences—sharing the paths they’ve chosen to pursue, tips for self-care and

Law Student Gift Guide

The ABA Law Student Gift Guide

December 07, 2021

Maybe, in the last month, you've asked the special law student in your life what they would like for the holidays. So, Student Lawyer thought we'd ask some of our students what they'd like in their stockings this year. Coffee This was the overwhelming winner

Law Student Podcast

The Life of a Supreme Court Correspondent

November 22, 2021

Meg Steenburgh of the ABA Law Student Podcast welcomes Adam Liptak to learn about his career as a legal journalist. Adam explains his typical work cycle as Supreme Court correspondent for The New York Times and  offers insights on how a law degree translates into the world of

Discussing what well-being in law school—and moving into practice—means for law students

October 07, 2021

Each year the ABA Law Student Division and the ABA CoLAP Law School Committee partner on the national Mental Health Day Program. This initiative is intended to spotlight the critical importance of our own well-being, and specific strategies to protect our well-being in law school and in

Law Student Podcast

Career shift: How Krystal Williams pivoted from business to law (podcast)

September 29, 2021

Meg Steenburgh welcomes Krystal Williams to discuss her unconventional path to law. After many years as a business professional, Krystal’s hunger for learning led her to shift her sights to law. She shares some of her experiences as an older student and discusses where her legal career has

Jill Wine-Banks

Looking back at the career of Jill Wine-Banks with the Law Student Podcast

August 23, 2021

In addition to her impressive legal experience in politics, military, private practice, journalism, and more, Jill Wine-Banks has also been a woman of many firsts throughout her legal career. Tune in with ABA Law Student Podcast host Meg Steenburgh for an in-depth interview with Jill about her

Pandemic Legal Issues

Demystifying the hot legal topics of the pandemic with the Law Student Podcast

August 10, 2021

From the FDA’s emergency use authorization of vaccines, to federalism concerns, to employee/employer relationships, to schools, and much more—legal issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to crop up at a rapid pace. To help law students make sense of these evolving matters, Meg Steenburgh welcomes Harvard Law

Mental Health Podcast

The Law Student Podcast talks mental health in the legal profession

June 21, 2021

Mental health problems have long been a prevalent issue amongst both law students and practicing lawyers, but have things gotten better as the profession has sought to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding these concerns? Meg Steenburgh welcomes Patrick Krill for a broad discussion on legal field