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Author: ABA Section of Litigation

ABA Section of Litigation The Section of Litigation provides litigators of all practice areas the resources needed to become successful and experienced advocates. The Section is dedicated to offering its members numerous opportunities for business networking and career advancement, and a large portfolio of professional and business development products, including books, periodicals, CLEs, and webinars.

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Webinar Replay: So You Want to be an In House Counsel

April 15, 2019

Whether you’re a law student, young lawyer, or transitioning attorney, find out what it’s like to work as an In-House Counsel.

Fight or Flight

The fight-or-flight plight: Staying calm during bar exam prep (podcast)

June 22, 2018

Take 15 minutes to learn how to suppress your fight-or-flight response in times of extreme stress – like the bar exam. The ABA Section of Litigation podcast, as part of its Sound Advice series, talked with Matt McCusker, an expert in witness preparation with a background in industrial-organizational psychology, offers essential test-taking and stress-management strategies for bar-takers.


Be the new face of the judiciary with a JIOP internship

September 13, 2017

Whatcha got planned for Summer 2018, 1Ls and 2Ls? How about hanging with a judge? The American Bar Association Section of Litigation will begin accepting applications for its summer 2018 Judicial Intern Opportunity Program (JIOP) on Nov. 6 for second-year law students. Applications for first-year law students will be accepted

2L Island

Marshaling the marooned: Welcome to 2L Island

January 30, 2017

For most of us, the first year of law school could be distilled down to a single word: survival. We had to survive our first day, our first recitation, our first midterm, our first exams, and our first grades. Being a 1L is akin to being taken out to sea