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Author: Andrew Rossow

Andrew Rossow Andrew Rossow is a millennial technology attorney, writer, serial entrepreneur, and adjunct law professor based in Dayton, Ohio. In his criminal defense practice, he assists individuals in cases where they find themselves victims of crimes committed through the Internet, including social media and other virtual platforms. He is also the co-founder and Managing Editor of national news outlet, Grit Daily News, as well as the president of Make It Happen, LLC, a brand/reputation management company throughout Silicon Valley and Hollywood. He graduated from The University of Dayton School of Law and received his Bachelor's Degree from Hofstra University.

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Author posts


'Deadly' tweets: Is social media today’s newest platform for weaponry?

June 19, 2017

You receive a Twitter message. You open it to find a still image with a “play” option. You hit play. All of a sudden, an image flashes at you, continuously, displaying the words, “YOU DESERVE A SEIZURE FOR YOUR POSTS!” Next thing you know, you regain consciousness on the floor

Pokemon Go

The Pokeball's in our court: Here come the Pokemon Go lawsuits

September 08, 2016

Outside of D.C., there are few attorneys who understand cyberspace law and internet law and how it affects the legal system, as our laws are just now presenting problems in terms of addressing how to prosecute and defend cybercrimes. I saw my chance to break into this field at the