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Author: G.M. Filisko

G.M. Filisko G.M. Filisko is the editor of Student Lawyer Magazine. She earned her law degree in 1998 from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She practiced civil litigation at two large Chicago firms until 2005, when she became a freelance writer and editor.

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Solo Firm

Job search stalled? Consider hiring yourself

December 01, 2021

Your plan has always been to go to law school, study and work hard, get great grades, and land a solid legal job—the natural result of the careful execution of a good plan. But too many law students are learning the painful lesson of what

Career Advice

14 tips to help you land your dream position

October 01, 2019

Whether you want to work in BigLaw, in the public interest, in the court system, or somewhere else altogether, you’ll benefit from these pro tips on interviewing and networking.


10 tips for recovering from a bad grade

November 01, 2018

I’m not the only person who’s ever been shocked by a law school grade. Many, many other lawyers have been similarly gobsmacked and were forced to figure out how to dust themselves off and learn from it.

An advocate for students in the admissions arena

March 01, 2016

Deena A. Maerowitz uses the advocacy skills she learned in law school and in practice every day. She just uses them outside the courtroom and on behalf of students. Maerowitz advises students and their families on the college and graduate school admissions processes, including those for law school, as a partner

Sweet success cooked up with a dash of the law

January 01, 2016

Yael Krigman started baking in law school and had no idea it would lead to a new career. “When I started law school, I wasn’t thinking of baking,” said the founder of Baked by Yael, a bakery in Washington, D.C., known especially for its cakepops —  which are lolli­pop-like sweets made

Pro bono leads to a calling

December 01, 2015

Growing up in the projects on the Lower East Side of New York City and watching her immigrant Chinese mother work in the garment industry’s sweatshops—even working alongside her at times— Villy Wang became determined to grow up and earn enough money that her mother wouldn’t have to work so hard. Wang achieved

Finding Your Nonlegal Niche

September 01, 2014

Sometimes, you just know. And for some in law school, what you know is that practicing law through a typical legal employer would never make your heart sing. At the same time, you know the value of a legal education, which is why you chose law school in

Law Student Complaining About Grades

When to Gripe About Grades

April 01, 2014

You know the feeling. You take an exam and walk away feeling fairly confident. Then when you get your grade, your first thought is confusion, perhaps even denial: “This can’t be right!” That series of events likely happens hundreds of times each year at law

Law Review: Will It Open Doors for Your Career?

March 01, 2014

Compare Danielle Blevins and Shannon Kelly, who were polar opposites when it came to law review. Blevins believes her work as publicity and website editor for the Alabama Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review at the University of Alabama School of Law in Tuscaloosa

Litigation Costs

Are Joint Degrees Worth It?

January 01, 2014

Nikki Johnson-Huston always wanted to get a master of business administration (MBA) degree, but her ultimate dream was a law degree. She didn’t think she could do both, so she opted for law school. One of the first things Johnson-Huston learned in law school was

Ignore Law School Etiquette at Your Career Peril

November 01, 2013

Law school is a social and cultural world unto itself. Like all societies and cultures, it has its own set of norms and rules. Understanding and employing proper etiquette will help you succeed. “We had an incident in a student’s first week at school,” recalled

Elective Directive: Be Selective

September 01, 2013

Taking courses that will give you an edge in your (so-far) chosen specialty is just one smart way to choose electives.

Yes, Virginia, There Is Still Gender Bias in the Profession

April 02, 2013

Here is a sobering statistic: Almost 80 percent of 92 major US firms with a chief governing committee had two or fewer women on that committee, according to a 2012 survey by The American Lawyer. Forty-two percent said their committee had only one woman. Eight firms had nary a woman

Ethics Webinar - Character and Fitness

The Ethics of Online Advertising

March 03, 2013

Before you begin practicing, make sure your seemingly innocuous online chatter does not expose you to an ethics violation. No matter where you land after passing the bar, you will probably have some online involvement. Whether you have your own website, blog, Facebook page, or

Is It Time for a Tutor?

November 01, 2012

Everyone struggles in something. What if your struggle is unraveling the concept of foreseeability in torts? Or the intricacies of personal jurisdiction in civil procedure? You are not alone—and help is available. Feeling Lost? Join the Club Deciding whether you need help in a class is difficult, perhaps even more so for

Ask Us Anything - Lawyers and Law Students

Ask Us Anything: Lawyers Answer Your Toughest Questions

May 01, 2012

How great would it be to ask a practicing lawyer that difficult, maybe even intensely personal, question you have been struggling with and perhaps afraid to actually ask? Fear no more. Student Lawyer has gathered questions vexing students throughout the country and asked lawyers with a wide range of skills and

Succeeding in Both Family and Law School

March 01, 2012

Rebecca A. Clark admits she was stunned into tears by a three-student panel discussion on handling family life during her law school orientation. “It was not a positive presentation,” says the 2008 graduate now employed at the Law Office of James B. Palmquist III in

Worried About Failing the Bar Exam?

December 01, 2011

Fear of failure is common for students preparing for the bar exam. Put that nervous energy to good use with smart bar exam preparation.

Assessing part-time status: Is there a stigma?

November 01, 2011

Many part-time students have opted for a reduced schedule because they have career, financial, or family obligations they cannot or do not want to put on hold while getting a law degree. Will attending law school part-time keep them from getting their dream job?

To Blog or Not: That Is the Question

September 01, 2011

Blogging has proved to be a boon to lawyers when it comes to establishing their professional brand and expertise. Can it do the same for you? Lawyers who have jumped into the blogging waters say it has helped them build name recognition and solidify their reputations as experts in their fields.

Law student talking to therapist.

Character and Fitness: How to Handle Substance Abuse or Mental Illness

May 01, 2011

Law students and lawyers reveal how they overcame substance abuse and mental illness and offer advice on answering bar application questions on these personal issues. Christopher Gutschenritter knew he had a drinking problem. But he worried that if he sought treatment, it might jeopardize the work he had already completed at

Student Debt Webinar

How To Save Money and Build Wealth During Law School

October 01, 2010

Law school is not for the financially faint of heart. But that does not mean you have to mire yourself in debt that will dictate your every move for years to come. With careful research, planning, and diligence, you can shrink both large and small school expenses—and even lay the