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Author: Gabriel Teninbaum

Gabriel Teninbaum Gabe Teninbaum is the founder of, as well as a law school professor and assistant dean with over a decade’s worth of experience as a faculty member. Using this site, students can study Emanuel Law in a Flash flashcards, use the Boost Deck (professor-created content designed to prepare them for the bar exam), or create content (and share it too - there is a library of over 500,000 user-created cards) a study it using a spaced repetition algorithm. He can be reached at

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Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition: A technology to learn far more with less effort

October 24, 2018

There is a better way to learn in law school that can change the law school experience for the better.  In short, there is a method that allows students to memorize more than ever before - and to do so in less time than it takes to cram as most currently do.  Using it improves exam performance, makes class less stressful, and helps improve school-life balance. This technology is called spaced repetition.

Mind Games

Spaced Repetition: A tool to help you learn way more in way less time

March 17, 2016

A basic truth of expert exam performance is that, to do well, you have to know the subject matter, inside and out.  Traditional studying methods don’t do help you to do that very well.  One landmark study found that within 24 hours of memorizing new information, only about