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Author: Heather J. E. Simmons

Heather J. E. Simmons Heather J. E. Simmons is the Associate Director for Instruction and Access Services at the University of Georgia School of Law’s Alexander Campbell King Law Library, which she has held since 2019. Heather began her academic career at Wayne State University Law Library. She spent 12 years working for General Motors at the GM Legal Staff Library and the GM Research & Development Library. She returned to academia in 2013 as the Law & Business Reference Librarian at the University of Illinois Law Library. She is a certified Koru Mindfulness Teacher and a member of the Mindfulness in Law Society.

Author posts

Mindfulness for Cold Calling

May 24, 2022

A Rite of Passage or a Form of Torture? Students have been terrified of and traumatized by cold calling ever since Harvard Dean Christopher Columbus Langdell invented the case method more than a century ago. The Socratic method is the ultimate form of