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Author: Jackie Monroe

Jackie Monroe Jackie-Monroe currently lives in Austin, Texas and has her hands in a number of things. She currently works in external relations and community engagement for a state agency. Her blog is Missing / Perspective and she is the blog manager for Alibi X, a non-profit, at

Website @TheDSTLawyer

Author posts

Bar Exam Failure

The last lesson you learn in law school: The Bar Exam

June 09, 2016

Not to scare you, but the reality is if you study and work hard, and are in law school, you can pass the bar, no matter how you did in law school. But remember if you did really well in law school, you can fail too.

Who goes to law school and doesn’t practice law?

Who goes to law school and doesn’t practice law?

December 10, 2015

I have heard this question a million times. I am still less than five years out of law school, and it still puzzles people that I do not practice law. Yes, I was willing to go through 3 years of tortur- ahem, I mean law school to not practice. I also