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Author: Jayson Thomas and Matthew Marin

Jayson Thomas and Matthew Marin Jayson Thomas attends WMU-Cooley Law School. He is a member of the WMU-Cooley Law Review and Senator of the Student Bar Association. Professor Matthew Marin works at WMU-Cooley Law School and teaches Contracts, Bar Skills, and other academic support courses and workshops. He is also WMU-Cooley’s Director of Academic & Student Services.


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All Humans Are Mortal: Syllogisms for Legal-Analysis Success

July 04, 2022

Legal analysis is one of the most challenging concepts for new law students to master. This is because human brains usually connect the dots automatically without considering how to articulate what we instinctively know. Using conditional syllogisms is a helpful hack for constructing persuasive analysis. You have probably