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Author: Jess Birken

Jess Birken Jess is a solopreneur lawyer who helps nonprofits solve problems so they can stop worrying and get back to their mission. When she's not lawyering, she's helping other lawyers change their lives and their law practices through her "Hack Your Practice" project.

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Author posts

Kanban Board

So you want to join a nonprofit board? Read this first.

February 20, 2020

Question for you – have you ever been asked to serve on a nonprofit board? I'm an attorney for nonprofit organizations, so I get hit up for board service A LOT. It's an exciting and flattering thing to be asked to participate in the org's mission.

Social Media

Make social media part of your personal brand (and make it look easy)

February 12, 2019

Are you on Twitter? (If the answer is no, WHY NOT? So much fun). A ton of people might think “lawyers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…doesn’t seem like a good match, tbh.” That’s probably because they’re thinking about the SUPER stereotypically bad lawyer social media ads,