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Author: Kelly Swan Taylor

Kelly Swan Taylor As an alumnus of Syracuse University and Roger Williams Law, Kelly Swan Taylor has a background in both science and law. Her legal practice areas are focused on Business and Intellectual Property matters for businesses and individuals in the greater Boston area. An avid runner, she has finished major marathons in Boston, New York, and Chicago. She writes for numerous sources on a variety of topics, most notably in science, law, and running. Kelly lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with her husband.

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Author posts

Uniform Bar Exam Test

The Uniform Bar Exam: An unclear hurdle to licensure

August 01, 2016

Ask any attorney about his or her bar exam experience and you will get a slew of stressful, nerve-racking tales, doubtfully containing any positive tones. For me, personally, I will never forget the awful experience, including an all-nighter before the second day of the exam. When you have to memorize