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Author: Kimi Chernoby

Kimi Chernoby Kimberly (Swartz) Chernoby is the first graduate of the University of Florida MD/JD program. She also holds a Masters in Bioethics from New York University. She currently works as an Emergency Medicine resident physician at Indiana University. Her interests are FDA law, reproductive health policy, and wellness. She is a member of the Indiana Bar, and a Trustee of the Indiana State Medical Association. In her spare time she bakes sour dough bread, and spends time with her husband and dog.

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Author posts

Test Stress

Test stress: This law school exam season, take care of yourself

December 10, 2018

In a recent article for The American Lawyer, Joanna Litt recounted the suicide of her husband. She attributed his death to the stresses of his law practice and of being a partner in big law. I saw this article posted at first by a single former law school


Becoming a doctor and a lawyer – at the same time

January 10, 2017

Recently, I had the opportunity to lead an ethics forum at the American Medical Association meeting. It was the first time I’ve been publicly introduced as an “attorney.” I was caught off guard since I haven’t sat for the bar yet, but it was a reminder that my time in