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Author: Lannette M. Richarson

Lannette M. Richarson Lannette M. Richarson is a 3L at Southern University Law Center. She has a B.A in Spanish and an M.B.A in Gaming Management. She serves as the ABA Law Student Division’s Chair for 2021-2022, and will serve in that role in 2022-2023. She also previously served as the National Director of Programming & Events for the National Black Law Students Association


Author posts

A note from the chair

April 19, 2022

Dear Colleagues: I am Lannette Richardson, a student at Southern University Law Center (SULC), a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. First, thank you for affording me the opportunity to serve you for two terms, as Vice Chair, and now as

COVID mythic equalizer

The COVID-19 pandemic: The mythical equalizer for inequality in society

September 08, 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to plague our communities, the legal community has been working tirelessly and desperately to meet the unrelenting demand to mitigate legal issues within the public health, environmental, and economic spheres. The pandemic has affected everyone, forcing people to remain