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Author: Marie Sarantakis

Marie Sarantakis Marie Sarantakis is a third year law student at The John Marshall Law School. She has earned distinction as a two-time CALI Award recipient, earning the highest grades in her class, for Evidence and Constitutional Law. She intends on becoming licensed as an attorney in Illinois and Wisconsin and practicing family law upon the completion of her studies.

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Author posts

Civility and Millennials

Are millennial lawyers less civilized?

March 22, 2016

Numerous jurisdictions are recognizing and lamenting the deterioration of civility in the legal profession. Some may be tempted to attribute this decline in courtesy to the influx of newly minted millennial attorneys to the profession.

People doing yoga

Five methods to transcend from zealous to zen

November 17, 2015

While the age of technology has amplified productivity, it has endangered tranquility. As attorneys one of our most vital tasks is to listen. We need to understand our clients’ needs, opposing counsels’ arguments, and judges’ instructions. In many respects, the digital age has enabled us to communicate more effectively, however,