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Author: Miosotti H. Tenecora

Miosotti H. Tenecora Miosotti is the current Delegate of Diversity for the ABA Law School Division. Miosotti has been in public service for almost a decade with a focus on gender-based violence and immigration issues. She was the founder and president of the First Generation Professionals (“FGP”) at BU Law. Through FGP, Miosotti has created awareness of the struggles of first-gen students and initiatives to recruit more diverse students to law schools and provide current diverse law students with more resources.

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Miosotti Tenecora

The importance of pipeline programs: I would not be here without them

September 09, 2019

As a first-generation college graduate, I did not know what kind of doors a college degree or a graduate degree could open. Coming from an economically disadvantaged background, I did not have the resources or the tools to leverage a college degree or graduate degree. At my local