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Author: Morgan Nelson

Morgan Nelson Morgan is currently a 2L at the University of South Dakota. She serves as the 8th Circuit Governor on the Law Student Division Board of Governors, which includes work with all law schools within South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, and Missouri. She enjoys long walks on the beach.


Author posts

Mental Health Day

5 ways to make your campus more mental health friendly

March 28, 2017

According to a 2014 Survey of Law Student Well-Being, almost 90 percent of law students had a drink of alcohol in the last 30 days and more than 20 percent admitted to binge drinking in the past two weeks.  While lawyers and future lawyers alike

Morgan Nelson

7 things I've learned as a law student leader

August 29, 2016

As a law student with a Public Administration Master's Degree, I have learned so much from my time on the Law Student Division Board of Governors about real-life professional networks and how they are mobilized through my time on the LSD Board. From a legal perspective, a developing professional's perspective,