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Author: Rene Morency

Rene Morency Rene Morency is a former ABA Law Student Division Delegate to the House of Delegates. This semester, he completes his education, including a J.D., an M.B.A., and an LL.M.

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Rene Morency

Does ABA involvement as a student matter? It depends

August 24, 2017

After a few years doing the law school thing, I can confirm that some of my choices have worked rather well, and some of my choices have worked rather poorly.  Among the former, fortunately, was my decision to become involved with several bar associations, including the ABA. In addition to active

Rene Morency

Calling all 1Ls: Some helpful rules for success

March 22, 2017

We are all familiar with the benefits of hindsight.  Unfortunately, as a 1L, we do not yet know what we do not yet know.  At least, if we do know, it is not with as much clarity as we have with hindsight. Well, here are six success rules that will hopefully