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Author: Robert Berring

Robert Berring Professor Robert Berring is the Walter Perry Johnson Professor of Law at Berkeley Law School, Boalt Hal where he teaches Advanced Legal Research, Contracts, Jurisprudence and Chinese Law. He is one of the most influential figures in the field of legal research where he has written widely. He has won the University of California Distinguished Teaching Award and was recognized as the most influential writer on legal information in the last fifty years by the AALL Section on Research. Berring developed this new edition of The Legal Research Survival Manual with Video Modules, 2d after watching the students in his first year Contracts classes struggle with the basics of legal information. He passionately feels that legal research is important. This new edition is enhanced with 13 short videos covering topics from Research Strategy to Reading a Case and is designed for students beginning law school or upper level students looking to brush up on their legal research skills. The addition of these new video components bring this book to life.

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The Legal Research Survival Manual

Outwit, Outwork, Outlast: Legal research survival tips

April 03, 2017

Legal research gets a lousy deal in legal education.  When you arrive as a first year student you are enrolled into mandatory classes that take a deep dive into the Common Law.  You will wrestle with the Rule Against Perpetuities and try to wrap your head around the Statute of