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Author: Rosario Lozada

Rosario Lozada Rosario Lozada is the chair-elect of the Association of American Law Schools’ Section on Balance in Legal Education and she teaches at the Florida International University College of Law. Lozada is an advocate and student of well-being in the profession. She is training in mindfulness facilitation with the Mindful Awareness Research Center at the University of California at Los Angeles.

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Hushed Voices

Getting to the other side of mental health in the legal profession

October 08, 2020

As ABA Law Student Mental Health Day comes to us yet again, a journal entry by a 2L in my Legal Profession class offers hope:  All of my friends, siblings, and peers talk about mental health. We have all been affected. We are unfiltered, empathetic,

Mental Health Day 2019

I see you, 1L: Time to reflect on your well-being

October 10, 2019

You’re on the path to join a profession in which you will spend most of your life advocating for others. But if you hope to be an effective advocate for others, you must first learn to be an advocate for yourself.  Today, on Law


Face time with your supervisor: A formula for success in oral briefings

July 19, 2017

It’s 6:30 p.m. and you are at your office desk, responding intently to emails.  You feel someone’s stare and look up. Your supervising attorney, briefcase in hand, has paused at your door.  “How’s the Martinez matter coming along?”  Before you can answer, you hear the dreaded invitation: “Walk with me.”