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Author: Sallie Moppert

Sallie Moppert Sallie Moppert is a 2L in the JDinteractive program at Syracuse University. She is a mystery and short story writer, as well as a legal assistant in a law firm in New York. Outside of law and writing, Sallie enjoys the "arts" (martial arts and arts and crafts) and is a huge animal lover.

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Author posts


Network like you mean it

December 01, 2021

No matter your path in law or other careers, the bigger your network, the easier it will be to find a job or clients and to build strong camaraderie with your colleagues.


Tips for success for neurodiverse law students

September 30, 2021

How might the law school journey change for someone who’s neurodivergent? Are there additional obstacles and challenges for these students that neurotypical students wouldn’t usually encounter? Are there enough resources and is there enough support for neurodivergent students? What’s it like to experience law school as a neurodivergent student?