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Author: Suzi Morales

Suzi Morales Suzi Morales is an intellectual property lawyer. She also blogs about fitting in fitness as a working mom and very amateur triathlete.

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Exercising Students

Simple steps for taking care of your body, even in law school

April 05, 2019

With all the stresses of law school, your physical wellbeing might not get much attention. Here are some tips for taking care of your body while you’re in the thick of the law school grind: Start small to form a habit Ashley

Being Vulnerable

Vulnerability happens: Turning a moment of stress into success

April 30, 2018

Unless something has changed dramatically since I was in law school, the course offerings don’t include Vulnerability, Failure, or What to Do When You’re Not on Your A-Game along with the usual Torts and Contracts. Law students and new lawyers are expected to succeed, but chances are, you will encounter a situation in your career that just doesn’t go according to plan.