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Category: Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law

What you need to know to get into bankruptcy law

April 11, 2017

To excel in the field of bankruptcy law, you must play the role of a litigator, transactional lawyer and trusted advisor. The time and effort you put into preparing yourself for these roles and selecting the ideal career setting will help ensure your success in this realm. With the right

Bankruptcy Law

Q&A: Following up on bankruptcy law webinar

September 23, 2016

Carolina Y. Sales, a partner at Bauch & Michaels LLC in Chicago, was a panelist on the ABA Legal Career Central Career Choice Series on bankruptcy law. She spent some time responding to the questions that were asked by viewers of the webinar. Could you talk about the differences between individual

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law in the Career Choice Series spotlight

September 07, 2016

In the next episode of the ABA Legal Career Central's Career Choice Series on Sept. 16, a panel of speakers will share their career path into bankruptcy law and its many facets, including: Business reorganization Consolidating or eliminating debts Settling outstanding disputes State litigation Federal litigation Working with corporate clients or