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Category: Internships

Students may soon earn credit, pay for work

March 01, 2016

Interpretation 305-2—which has stopped law students across the country from earning pay and credit for internships or externships they perform—has been severed from Standard 305 and effectively eliminated from the notice and comment sent in January.

internship Interview

10 tips for a strong legal internship interview

February 17, 2016

As with any sport, strong performance during your interview will depend on a variety of factors that are impossible to predict. After adequately preparing for the interview, the best advice to follow is just to be yourself. Here are 10 tips for additional guidance when trying to land a competitive legal internship.


The popular private law firm internship – is it for you?

January 15, 2016

The view into the world of private practice may appear very cloudy to law students.  In fact, after speaking with many students, it is sometimes surprising how little they understand about the basics of law firms.  Without this basic understanding, how can you make an informed decision on your career