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Category: After the Bar

First Job

The dos & don’ts of your first job

July 25, 2016

Take those principles from your high school job at McDonalds or the mall, dress them up in a suit, add the following ten tips, and you’ll be on your way to a successful career.

How to Survive Your First Year on the Job

March 16, 2015

You’ve landed your first job out of law school . . . congratulations! Now you’re all set to start working, but you may be a bit nervous about making a good impression as you launch your legal career. What can you do to start off on the right

Live in X but Want to Work in Y? Here’s How to Make the Leap

February 01, 2015

So you have decided to look for opportunities beyond your current law school’s typical geographic footprint. Or you’ve become so passionate about a practice focus that you are willing to go anywhere to practice. Here’s some practical tips for helping you figure that out. The

The Perks of Specializing

November 01, 2014

Laura D’Angelo is smiling in the winners’ circle at the Kentucky Derby as the news cameras roll. Paul Levine is walking along the Venice Beach, California, boardwalk in shorts and sandals, talking to someone about a new book. Mary Grieco is at a private fashion show in Manhattan,

New Lawyers: Stories of transition from recent graduates

January 01, 2014

By Barry Malone. Law students get a lot of advice. Most schools have departments dedicated to giving career advice and assign students faculty advisors. Some schools give students an alumni mentor. Most students develop relationships with 2Ls and 3Ls to get tips on professors and

Judicial clerkships for all: Tips for the other 90 percent

November 01, 2011

Judicial clerkships have a lot to offer: They hone research and writing skills, provide great exposure to practicing lawyers, create an opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with a successful member of the bar, and generally look fabulous on a résumé.

Jobs: Job Search Beyond Your Backyard

January 01, 2011

It is the fortunate law student who manages to make the planets align in such a way that he or she is attending the law school of his or her choice, which just happens to be located in the city from which he or she hails and in

LL.M. Factor: What to Consider When Deciding Whether to Pursue an LL.M. Degree

November 01, 2010

The economy remains tough. The legal job market is constricted and flooded with laid-off lawyers. Things have been quiet since on-campus interviews wrapped up a few weeks ago. At this point, nervous law students review their options to determine what exactly is available and what it might mean