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Category: Mental Health

Mental Health Day 2016

Take a mental health screening. Today.

March 28, 2016

Once again this March, Screening for Mental Health will partner with the Dave Nee Foundation and the American Bar Association Law Student Division to raise awareness for Law Student Mental Health Day, today, March 28, 2016, and offer the important mental health-screening tool to law students across the country. It is our hope that this year we can screen 10,000 law students.

Lucky Duck

How to be a Lucky Duck

March 21, 2016

When asked to write in celebration of the International Day of Happiness, I thought it appropriate to offer (for what they’re worth) these Principles of Happiness, or the 5 pieces of advice I wish I’d gotten as a law student.

Mental Health Day 2016

Ending the stigma: Mental Health Day 2016

March 11, 2016

The ABA Law Student Division has selected March 28, 2016 as the official National Mental Health Day at law schools across the country, and will be getting the word out to break the social stigma many still face when it comes to discussing mental health. To help address mental health and

Stressed Out

Top 5 things every law student needs to survive (mentally)

February 23, 2016

Getting through law school is tough. You’ve got late nights, high-stress classes, competition among your peers, the looming law school curve, and that nagging fear that maybe you won’t find a job when this is all over. And let’s face it, the stress doesn’t end after graduation. I’m still dealing with it to this day! That’s why now is pretty much the perfect time to figure out what stress relievers work best for you.

law student shedding mental health stigma

Shedding the stigma of mental illness

April 01, 2015

By Sherry Karabin Two years ago, Whittier Law School student Rick Ma began experiencing severe episodes of anxiety and depression. At the time, he was in his second semester in law school and serving as the American Bar Association’s acting Ninth Circuit governor for the Law Student Division. “The biggest problem I was

Tackling Mental Health Issues

February 01, 2015

By Rick Ma Rick Ma is a 3L at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California, and the project director of the ABA Law Student Division Mental Health Initiative. Have questions, ideas, or need advice? Email Ma What do doctors, attorneys,

Make Mental Health a Priority This Holiday Season

December 01, 2014

By Aaron Sohaski Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Chair, ABA Law Student Division The holiday season is upon us and that means food, friends, family, and fun. It also means finals. Between studying for torts and planning your holiday schedule, it can get a little rough. That is why it is important

Mental Health Day Reminder

March 03, 2013

By Nicholas Cantrell Nicholas Cantrell, a 2L at Emory University School of Law, is Project Director of the Law Student Division’s Mental Health Initiative. The ABA Law Student Division’s National Mental Health Day is fast approaching. On March 27, law schools across the country

Mental Health Day

February 01, 2013

ByEileen M. Laux Eileen M. Laux, a 3L at Florida Coastal School of Law, is student editor of Student Lawyer. Mark March 27 on the calendar. The ABA Law Student Division has selected that day as the official National Mental Health Day at law schools across the country. Law schools are encouraged

Take Part in Mental Health Day

February 01, 2012

By Matthew Gorney. For the fifth consecutive year, the Law Student Division will recognize National Mental Health Day in an effort to increase awareness of how law students are affected by mental health issues. National Mental Health Day is Tuesday, March 27. The Division encourages law schools to take part in the

Law student talking to therapist.

Character and Fitness: How to Handle Substance Abuse or Mental Illness

May 01, 2011

Law students and lawyers reveal how they overcame substance abuse and mental illness and offer advice on answering bar application questions on these personal issues. Christopher Gutschenritter knew he had a drinking problem. But he worried that if he sought treatment, it might jeopardize the work he had already completed at

Start Planning Now for National Mental Health Day

February 01, 2011

Vol. 39 No. 6 By Taylor Denslow March 27 marks the Law School Division’s fourth annual National Mental Health Day.  Started by the Division’s Mental Health Initiative Project in 2008, National Mental Health Day serves to increase awareness of mental health issues among law students. According to data gathered by the , the