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Category: Family Law

Foster Boy

Chicago attorney examines for-profit foster system in 'Foster Boy'

January 16, 2020

Chicago attorney and playwright Jay Paul Deratany was already a successful practitioner of the law when the case came across his desk.  Something was different about it.  It involved a woman who’d brought a 15- year-old-boy into her home

Guardian ad Litem

The role of a guardian ad litem in a child-centered divorce

June 20, 2019

What children experience in the legal system is something law students often do not personally understand from first-hand experience. Within family law, children often become exposed to the legal system⁠—whether they like it or not. Children who are placed in foster homes, adopted, or attend youth court experience


FACLC staff on a multilingual mission to help families, children

December 20, 2017

The Family and Children's Law Center of the San Francisco Bay Area is a unique non-profit family law practice run completely by female attorneys. Kris Fowler Cirby serves as the executive director of the office, and Abby Frost Lucha, Gabrielle Gaetani, and Kristine Guerra serve as staff attorneys.

Guardian Ad Litem

Gaining experience as a guardian ad-litem

June 23, 2017

Our duty as future and present lawyers requires that we engage in social involvement and remain active as members of the legal community. When I started law school, my community and social involvement was limited, mainly due to time constraints.  Upon learning that my school required all students to fulfill

Q&A: Shaping the future of Family Law

January 26, 2017

Christina Harms is the Director of the Child and Family Psychological Service (CAFES) at the Center of Excellence for Children, Families and the Law at William James College.

Divorce Law

Top 13 most expensive Hollywood divorces

September 05, 2016

Some people dream of being rich and famous. After all, celebrities have it all, right? They get to wear designer clothes, have stylists do their hair and makeup, and receive attention from just about everyone. However, when it comes to relationships, Hollywood A-listers seem to have the most trouble. With

Breaking Bad

Divorce on film: 'Breaking Bad'

February 24, 2016

Season three of AMC’s landmark TV show “Breaking Bad” features a plot in which one of the show’s primary characters – Skyler White, wife and reluctant partner-in-crime to antihero meth cooker Walter White – considers whether to file for divorce from her possible sociopath husband shortly after learning that he

Word Cloud: Divorce

A year of family law transition: The top states with legal changes

February 05, 2016

Every January, thousands of new state laws across America go into effect. Of course, 2016 was no exception. Some states, as one may expect, enacted more new measures than others in a given year. Texas, for example, enacted more than 1,200 new provisions over the last few months. Throughout the

Divorce graphic

Five predictions for divorce lawyers in 2016

January 05, 2016

With the new maintenance (spousal support laws) becoming effective in late January, there will be a lot of strategic divorce planning going on. For the non-monied spouses who are going to need spousal support, they will be racing to file for divorce before the end of January so they are not

Power of attorney use and abuse captures attention

January 01, 2016

By Josephine Bahn JOSEPHINE BAHN is a third-year student at New York Law School; the vice chair-Student Bar Associations of the ABA Law Student Division; and the law student member of the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. Focusing on power of attorney use and