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Compliance expert: Scandals underscore weaknesses of compliance programs

November 16, 2017

Although scandals involving Volkswagen and Wells Fargo have exposed the failures of regulatory compliance and compliance infrastructures, it is still hard to convince some corporate executives to invest in compliance programs, according to Ted Banks. Banks, an attorney concentrating on general corporate and antitrust matters, is also the president of Compliance

Soldier with Books

Service to School helping veterans enter top-tier law schools

October 12, 2017

The halls and classrooms of your favorite law schools are becoming a lot more green—and we are not just referencing more environmentally friendly schools. We’re talking about more military veterans gaining admittance to top tier universities through Service to School.


A crash course on FMLA and HR as an alternative career

July 18, 2017

So, what can you really do with your legal degree? The opportunities are vast and you might consider looking into an alternative career. An alternative career gives you the chance to use your cultivated skills in a myriad of fields like human resources. HR is the management of a company’s

Guardian Ad Litem

Gaining experience as a guardian ad-litem

June 23, 2017

Our duty as future and present lawyers requires that we engage in social involvement and remain active as members of the legal community. When I started law school, my community and social involvement was limited, mainly due to time constraints.  Upon learning that my school required all students to fulfill

Judicial Intern

Learn how to make the most of your judicial internship or externship

April 27, 2017

Congratulations, you've made it to the judiciary! Well, you've gained a spot in chambers working with a judge as an intern. So ... what will you actually be doing? Prep for your stint with "Making the Most of your Judicial Internship/Externship," a webinar from the Law Student Division and the ABA Judicial Division. Watch

Tax Law Chat

Don't fear tax law - Kelly Phillips Erb tells you why

April 14, 2017

ABA Legal Career Central welcomed Kelly Phillips Erb – a tax attorney, teacher, writer, and Senior Editor for Forbes – to #LegalCareerChat on Monday, April 10. Kelly received her JD and LL.M in Taxation from Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia and started blogging about tax law on

Bankruptcy Law

What you need to know to get into bankruptcy law

April 11, 2017

To excel in the field of bankruptcy law, you must play the role of a litigator, transactional lawyer and trusted advisor. The time and effort you put into preparing yourself for these roles and selecting the ideal career setting will help ensure your success in this realm. With

Tax Challenge

Congratulations to the Law Student Tax Challenge competitors

April 10, 2017

Law students from 10 teams recently competed in the ABA Tax Section Law Student Tax Challenge (“LSTC”) at the Mid-Year Meeting in Orlando.  The LSTC is an alternative to traditional moot-court competitions and gives students the opportunity to research, write about, and present their findings


Lawyers were the heroes? I’ve never heard that joke!

March 29, 2017

We’ve all heard the lawyers jokes – heck, my Dad saw my entry into law school as his chance to try out every one in the book! But, lawyers' actions in the opening days of the Trump administration have been no laughing matter. Lawyers "descended” when President Trump’s executive order caused immigrants,


Starting your own law firm? Your answers are a pocket away.

March 17, 2017

Hanging your shingle is no easy task. It's not a simple process and unfortunately most of the issues you need to consider when starting your own law firm weren't covered in law school. There are so many questions that need to be answered! Should you incorporate? What types of


Patent trolls storm the podcasting industry

March 16, 2017

Podcasting has become a lucrative business.  The increasing popularity of podcasts has in its wake advanced an army of patent trolls. Comedian and acclaimed podcaster, Adam Carolla recently commented, during a patent lawsuit, that these trolls “make a business of buying technology that they didn't create and then find

Mergers and Acquisitions

Start your career in M&A, corporate governance with #LegalCareerChat

March 07, 2017

Jayne E. Juvan, a partner in the Cleveland office of Roetzel & Andress, discusses what it’s like to practice in M&A and Corporate Governance and how she’s harnessed social media to make her practice fulfilling and engaging in #LegalCareerChat. You can also view the entire chat recap here.

How to get the most out of your TIPS membership

What TIPS is (and why you should join)

February 01, 2017

Thinking of what sections to get involved with in the ABA? Today's message comes from Linda Wiley of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (TIPS). Welcome to another term and for those new students, congratulations on entering law school and starting your legal career. Your experience in law

Family Law

Q&A: Shaping the future of Family Law

January 26, 2017

Christina Harms is the Director of the Child and Family Psychological Service (CAFES) at the Center of Excellence for Children, Families and the Law at William James College.

Head of the Class: New 'developments' help student keep growing

January 01, 2017

Hundreds of thousands of real estate agents across the country couldn’t weather the 2008 housing market crash and were forced to find other work. But not Nathan Palmer, a non-traditional student and 2L at Arizona State University—Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in Phoenix.

Cincinnati Summit

Going solo: My first division meeting experience

January 01, 2017

I was in a car on my way to the University of Cincinnati College of Law, and I wondered what I was doing. I live in San Diego. What was I doing in Cincinnati? The short answer is that I was attending an ABA meeting for the General Practice, Solo


General criminal defense vs. niche criminal defense

December 14, 2016

While it is certainly possible to be a general criminal law attorney defending any criminal matter that comes through the door, there are many lawyers who choose to focus on a specific niche of criminal law.

Antitrust Competition

Antitrust Law competition's prize: $2,500, a meeting, and more

December 02, 2016

Do you have a published note, comment, or article in an ABA-accredited law school review or journal? Does the subject of the article address civil and criminal antitrust law, competition policy, consumer protection, or international competition law? Want to get recognized for your writing and win money? If you answered

IP Law

IP 101 for law students

November 10, 2016

When I was in law school, I spent a semester in the Technology Venture Clinic. Besides the benefit of working with real-life clients, I also received a startup lawyer primer in contracts, intellectual property (IP), and financing requirements. I also met clients who had made some serious errors in the early

Litigation Costs

5 things that subject businesses to increased litigation and costs

October 14, 2016

Thinking of going into business law? Walid J. Tamari, a business and civil litigation attorney, breaks down five ways business potentially expose themselves to litigation. Failing to maintain corporate formalities Businesses that fail to maintain proper corporate formalities expose their shareholders to potential liability by creating an

Solo Practice

5 tips for managing your solo practice

October 05, 2016

Many lawyers dream of opening their own practice. Maybe they are tired of being a small part of a big firm and they want to branch out on their own. Perhaps they want to relocate and open a firm in a smaller town. Whatever the reason, starting your own law firm

Airplanes at the Smithsonian

Why become an aviation attorney?

September 28, 2016

As a student of the law, or one who may be considering the law, maybe you have thought ahead to the particular area you would like to focus on, and develop a specialized expertise in. Whether that's the case or not, however, I would like to ask you

Bankruptcy Law

Q&A: Following up on bankruptcy law webinar

September 23, 2016

Carolina Y. Sales, a partner at Bauch & Michaels LLC in Chicago, was a panelist on the ABA Legal Career Central Career Choice Series on bankruptcy law. She spent some time responding to the questions that were asked by viewers of the webinar. Could you talk about the differences between individual

Bill Johnston

When I was a law student and how the ABA Business Law Section helped me

September 22, 2016

The ABA Business Law Section would like to introduce you to our its 2016-2017 Chair, Bill Johnston. He participated in the section's Leader Spotlight to share his experiences when he was once a law student and how the ABA has helped him. Q: Where did you attend law school?