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Category: Practice Areas

Are You Interested in a Career in Labor and Employment Law?

May 01, 2013

By Darrious Baker. The ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law has 25,000 members and is one of the largest sections of the ABA. Section members hold positions in private law firm practice, government, in-house counsel, and unions. Additionally, members represent employers, unions, employees as individuals or in class actions, and

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Exploring Growing Areas of Law

February 01, 2013

By Janan Hanna. Building on Student Lawyer’s article about hot practice areas (February 2012), this year we examine three areas of law that are starting to grow because of changing demographics, health care reform, and a poor economy. While major change is often scary, if

Hot Practice Profiles

March 01, 2012

By Janan Hanna. Some lawyers begin their careers with a path in mind. But, for many, it is not uncommon to start in one practice area and end in another. The list of practice areas is practically endless. In the pages that follow, Student Lawyer profiles lawyers working in five of

Liaison Notebook - Possibilities Around With The Section of International Law

February 01, 2012

By Richard A. Andrews. Being a law student in the is all about opportunities. For me, a liaison, it is the opportunity to work with lawyers around the world on issues relevant to law students. For students, it is the opportunity to have access to practitioners. Whether students are looking to get published

I Wish I'd Known - Trey Cox

November 01, 2011

My advice to any young litigator is to jump in and try it. Approach your trial practice as if you were Mikey from the old Life cereal commercials.

Criminal Law Is Not Just About Criminals

May 01, 2011

By Rashida I. Sims. If you are interested in equal justice and serving others, then consider joining the Victims Committee of the ABA’s Criminal Justice Section (CJS). This committee encourages a new conceptualization of the notion of the victim. The Victims Committee examines issues relating to crime victims and their participation

Love Tax or Even Think You Might Like It?

May 01, 2011

By Lillian Bozonie. There are numerous ways you can get involved with the ABA Section of Taxation before you are in practice. The biggest is the ABA Law Student in Tax Challenge, which looks for groups of either JD or LL.M. students to review a fictional taxpayer’s situation and decide