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Category: Professionalism

12 tips to help you avoid disciplinary proceedings

June 01, 2020

No lawyer sets out to become a disciplinary statistic.  Some lawyers, however, find themselves corresponding more often with disciplinary authorities than others. Solo and small firm practitioners, especially with practices in criminal, family or personal injury law, receive the highest number of client complaint letters. During the many

Email Storm

When inboxes attack: How to prioritize your legal emails

April 18, 2019

Q: I dread looking at my phone in the morning. Every day I am inundated with emails, usually from offices in an earlier time zone. The emails often contain random requests that don’t seem as if they would take much time, but they end up blowing up my mornings. Sometimes partners want

Women Frowning

Mind your manners: Commonsense rules for everyone in today’s legal workplace

March 28, 2019

Get ready to navigate the fast-changing social terrain— during your summer externship, at your first off-campus interview, at a clerkship, or as you transition into your first “real world” job after your final semester—with these helpful tips from fellow students and legal professionals. 1. Think…and

Talking to Yourself

Take a pause and make a plan when using your filters

October 17, 2017

Question: I am a new lawyer, and I understand the need to keep my “filter” on. But it seems awkward to focus on that all the time. And I sometimes find that I have let my guard down before I know it. Any suggestions?


A word to new lawyers: We're all professionals here

September 28, 2017

The need to address behavior surprises many law students and young lawyers because they carry the assumption that adults should and will behave in a professional manner.  Unfortunately, experience shows that assumption is far from reality.  Being a professional goes beyond your work product and your everyday


Everyday work practices and techniques for new lawyers

August 28, 2017

The day to day life of a young lawyer is one of the aspects of the profession that is almost impossible to teach during the law school.  In my first post, I talked about working on your work product. While the nature of a specific practice will certainly

2017 Oscars

Don't cause the next 'Envelopegate' – get your Oscars moment right, young lawyers

March 03, 2017

Q: Are there lessons for new lawyers from the recent Academy Awards “Envelopegate” snafu involving PricewaterhouseCoopers? A: Oh yes. The more obvious lessons are that even with straightforward assignments, the consequences of mistakes can be huge and “do-overs” may not be possible. I discuss these and other lessons below. “Envelopegate” is

Ignore Law School Etiquette at Your Career Peril

November 01, 2013

Law school is a social and cultural world unto itself. Like all societies and cultures, it has its own set of norms and rules. Understanding and employing proper etiquette will help you succeed. “We had an incident in a student’s first week at school,” recalled