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Student Lawyer: The Law Student Evolution Issue

April 01, 2020

Ever feel like you’re going to forget something important while you’re immersed in law school? No worries. Student Lawyer has rounded up a handy guide of to-dos—things to not forget as you evolve from a law student to a lawyer. There's lots to accomplish from 1L to 2L

2L Transformation

2L: Your year of transformation from law student to lawyer

April 01, 2020

Law school is a transitional time. It’s several years of preparing to cross from being a student to being a professional. In a short period, we go from being a regular human who doesn’t understand jurisdiction to a lawyer who knows the proper Bluebook rule


The chrysalis year: What to do during your time as a 3L

April 01, 2020

Here we are, another school year winding down. 3Ls are gearing up for the big day they’ve long awaited— graduation—while simultaneously thinking about how fast the bar exam is coming. 2Ls are trying to avoid senioritis as their final year awaits. And 1Ls are breathing sighs of relief

Jessica Gilgor

Goodbye, Law Student Division; Hello, Young Lawyers Division

April 01, 2020

As I sat at my computer, trying to find the words to say, debating all the right ways to say them, I found myself surprisingly speechless. So instead of trying to find the words to say, I started writing. Writing anything that came to


Student Success 101: Reduce distractions and increase focus

April 01, 2020

To thrive academically, and pass the bar exam the first time around, you must combat distractions with enormous discipline. You must be on—mind, body, and spirit. To do this, you need to ruthlessly protect your time and put up walls around everything that steals time and focus from your studies.

How to track, then budget, your time

April 01, 2020

How can you reduce distractions and make more time for bar prep? Begin by identifying what takes your time. Below, approximate how many hours per week you spend on each item. Remember, there are only 168 possible hours in any given week. _____ Work (keep

Dennis W. Archer

I Wish I'd Known: Dennis W. Archer

April 01, 2020

I was a tenured teacher with the Detroit Public Schools teaching learning-disabled students. A teacher I was dating persuaded me to consider law school. I took the LSAT and applied to law school. I taught school during the day and started evening classes at the

The life cycle of a student lawyer

April 01, 2020

Back in my undergraduate days, I learned about product life cycles. As a communications major, we studied how consumer products moved in a fairly predictable path from introduction to growth to maturity and, ultimately, to decline. Each phase was accompanied by certain pros and cons,

Law School Graduation

What’s next? Our options are practically endless

April 01, 2020

For those of you who’ve been on this journey with me for the past three years, congrats on finishing your doctoral degree! This is a huge accomplishment and arguably the biggest hurdle toward starting your dream job. Now all that’s left for those who’ll practice

Path to Law

Student Lawyer: There are many paths to the career you'll love

January 02, 2020

It can be incredibly isolating to feel like your experience is dramatically different from that of everybody else around you and that few others will understand where you come from. That can feel especially true in law school, where the vast majority of students are young, single, child-free

Later-than-most to law school

January 01, 2020

Contrary to popular opinion, there are advantages that come with age, and they can help in law school.

Life as a parent in law school

January 01, 2020

Law school isn’t tailored to students with kids, so create an academic experience that works for your family.