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Category: Student Lawyer

Student Lawyer: Behind the scenes of 'Marshall'

September 07, 2017

Written by a practicing lawyer, a film analyzes the start of Thurgood Marshall’s career. Here, the movie’s star, Chadwick Boseman, talks about his experience playing the larger-than-life character. Student Lawyer's September October 2017 also visits with Michael Koskoff, the writer of the movie.

ABA Law Student Division Competitions

Why I entered an ABA Law Student Division competition

September 01, 2017

Did you know that the American Bar Association sponsors four skills competitions for students nationwide? For the record, they’re the:Arbitration Competition Client Counseling Competition National Appellate Advocacy Competition Negotiation CompetitionAlso for the record, they’re pretty easy to enter. You’ll need to fill out some forms,

Caylan Dunnells

Arbitration Competition: An invaluable three-year tradition

September 01, 2017

The ABA Law Student Division Arbitration Competition was certainly my favorite moot court competition in law school. I competed three consecutive years, during one of which my team won the national title.The first year, I served as a 1L witness, and I genuinely had no idea what to expect. Aside

Client Counseling Competition

Client Counseling Competition: From an excuse to hang out to win after win

September 01, 2017

If you haven’t yet experienced that moment of clarity when you realize you might actually be a great lawyer someday and change people’s lives, then you probably haven’t participated in a law student competition.ABA competitions provide the opportunity to showcase your talent and build your legal resume while having fun—yes,

Mackenzie Drutowski

Negotiation Competition: An opportunity to become a better person

September 01, 2017

I learned about the ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition through my negotiation and mediation courses, which I was taking because I wanted to practice corporate law and thought they’d make me a more effective advocate in a transactional setting. I was loving the classes and professors, so when I

Michael Koskoff

Advice from the Inside: How I love practicing law and still pursued my dream

September 01, 2017

I was admitted to the bar in 1966. Since then, I’ve been a trial lawyer—at first criminal defense and later plaintiffs’ malpractice, product liability, and civil rights. Yet, unlikely as it may seem, after 51 years of practice, a movie is about to be released that I co-wrote with my

Law Library

1L Corner: Your law library is way more than just books

September 01, 2017

In today’s modern world, you may be among the law students who believe the law library is a relic of the past, a giant space filled with books you’ll never use. And honestly, that last bit about never using the books may well be true for some of you.But a


Head of the Class: Beating poverty in Africa, one child at a time

September 01, 2017

Imagine that, in addition to the challenges you face in juggling all your law school activities, you find yourself making calls to Kenya at 3 a.m. or having a Skype meeting with Kenyan lawyers between classes.To Stephen Fleischer, a third-year student at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, this is

Samuel Chang

High cut scores: A bar to the bar?

September 01, 2017

Are the cutoffs for passing the bar too high in some states?The California Supreme Court will soon answer that question. It’s expecting a report this fall on the validity of the California bar as well as deliberating whether to lower the California cut score, which is the second-highest in the

Law School Nation

Law School Nation: September 2017

September 01, 2017

News from law schools across the country including help for 2016 Louisiana flood victims, new degree programs in Hawaii, and welcoming the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center.California A guide to help California’s public charter schools address absences and decreasing parental participation among immigrant families as a result of recent federal policy

2017 NAAC

National Appellate Advocacy Competition: A chance to compete with the best

August 22, 2017

I was a 1L when I first heard about the ABA Law Student Division National Appellate Advocacy Competition. It was right before finals in 2016, and I remember receiving an email from our school telling us that St. Mary’s had won the championship.I remember thinking how incredible a feat

Get Published - Law Students

Announcing our new law student Editorial Board - apply now!

August 21, 2017

We're excited to announce the formation of the inaugural Editorial Board of the ABA Law Student Division!Apply for a position on the Board by August 31. "Why apply for this law student editorial board," you ask? Sitting on an editorial board and earning publishing credits in law school is a

Top of The Class

Tell us who the Head of the Class is at your school

June 08, 2017

Who's at your Head of the Class? Do you have students doing interesting, unique, or noteworthy things while in law school? We at Student Lawyer Magazine want to hear about them.Each issue, in our Head of the Class column, we feature a law student making a name for

Undocumented Immigrants

Student Lawyer: Achieving Justice for All of Today’s Diverse Students

March 27, 2017

Imagine getting into, paying for, and succeeding in law school—and then not being permitted to practice. That’s the risk for students who aren’t U.S. citizens. Student Lawyer's March April May 2017 issue starts with their stories.Uncertain future awaits undocumented

Cesar Vargas

Uncertain future awaits undocumented law students

March 01, 2017

Imagine getting into, paying for, and succeeding in law school—and then not being permitted to practice. That’s the risk for students who aren’t U.S. citizens.Invariably, law students work incredibly hard to get into law school and then to become attorneys. Many have faced serious hurdles along the way. Just think

Thomas Kim

Undocumented and unbeaten: What he'll bring to the nation's legal field

March 01, 2017

In fall 2011, during my first semester of college, I proudly took the Greyhound bus home for Thanksgiving break. I was not only the first one in my family to go to college, but I was also one of Pacific Lutheran University’s five full-tuition merit scholars. As I nostalgically entered

Moving Mountains

Success: It’s all in your head

March 01, 2017

Everyone goes through periods of self-doubt, even the most successful people, according to the former chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession, Roberta Liebenberg. “Everyone has these moments where they feel like they’re an impostor, that someone’s going to find out that they’re actually not

Law School Energy

E = LS2 (Energy = Law School Success)

March 01, 2017

You might think it’s your writing or speaking skills that will shape your law school career. They will. But your energy is even more important to your law school destiny.Many things will play into your law school success. But above all traditional skills, your energy will define your law school


Advice from the Inside: How I got a U.N. internship

March 01, 2017

The summer of 2016 is one I’ll never forget. As a law student, I was privileged to be afforded the opportunity to work at my dream job, while also getting to travel Europe – and I have some advice on how you can land a similar opportunity. Over the summer, I

Summer Internship

No internship? What to do with your 1L summer

March 01, 2017

Getting an internship is generally the first option when it comes to how to spend the summer after your first year. But what if you haven’t been successful in securing one?Here’s my recommendation: Go abroad! There are many summer abroad programs offered by various law schools. I happen to direct