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Category: Trials


ABA policy in action: Louisiana votes to require unanimous juries in felony cases

November 07, 2018

Yesterday, the citizens of Louisiana voted to end the practice of non-unanimous juries in felony cases. Amendment 2 requires a unanimous verdict of a 12-member jury for felony convictions. Current law allows a conviction even though two of 12 jurors believe there is reasonable doubt of a defendant’s guilt.

Piano Player

If Mozart were a trial lawyer

June 13, 2016

What would Wolfgang Mozart do with a closing argument? If the great composer had to construct a speech for a jury, what would it sound like?

Star Wars

Video: When Darth Vader goes on trial, the Empire strikes back

May 04, 2016

For many of you, the turning of the calendar merely means today is May 4, 2016. For sci-fi geeks who like puns, it's Star Wars Day – as in May the 4th Be With You. Star Wars itself has been a framing device over the years for points of law.