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Cannabis: 20th Century Highs to 21st Century Wellness

Format: CLE Webinar

Dates: 06/30/2021

Time: 1 PM EDT

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With cannabis legalization, guardians, elder care attorneys, other attorneys, and law students need education on how to advise clients when these products are considered and the legality of their purchase and usage in each state.

With the more states pursuing medical cannabis and full legalization, what should lawyers know?

This program will:

  • Review terminology including strains, dosages, and other basics so a guardian or attorney can determine whether to approve their use for clients
  • Discuss what particular products are legal for use in different states and how the regulatory regimes vary
  • Explore the uses of cannabis products in palliative, end of life care, dementia and pain management with information from cutting-edge medical researchers
  • Consider the factors to consider in determining if a product is appropriate for a client