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Webinar: Civility is the Core of Your Successful Career

Format: Webinar

Online Webinar Online Nationwide

Dates: 02/15/2017

Time: 1:30 PM ET - 2:30 PM ET

Sponsor: The ABA Law Student Division
the Center for Professional Responsibility
the Young Lawyers Division

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Not only do lawyers serve as representatives of their clients, they serve as officers of the legal system and public citizens having special responsibility to the quality of justice. To fulfill these overarching and overlapping roles, lawyers must make civility their professional standard and ideal. In doing so, they will receive better results for themselves and their clients.

During this session you will learn what civility means and the consequences of bad behavior, including:

• Civility as a condition of getting and keeping your license.
• The difference between zealous advocacy and civility.
• Solutions to the lawyer incivility problem.
• Benefits of civility.

Moderator: Erik J. Badia, Georgia State University College of Law, Alpharetta, GA

Speaker: Jayne Reardon, Illinois State Commission on Professionalism, Chicago, IL

Sponsors: The ABA Law Student Division, the Center for Professional Responsibility, the Young Lawyers Division

*Note this is not a CLE program.