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The State of Legal Education from Prelaw to Practice

Format: Virtual Event

Dates: 03/11/2021

Time: 1 PM ET - 2 PM ET

Sponsor: The Young Lawyers Division
Law Student Division
and the Law School Admission Council

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How does the LSAT help you with law school? How does law school prepare you for practice and the bar exam? Does the bar exam really show that you are ready for practice? What is the overall state of legal education and how has the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact? What do we expect in a post-pandemic world? If you’ve had these questions and more, you may be interested in hearing from legal education experts from the Law School Admission Council.

Please join us as we share a short history on LSAC and the LSAT, perspectives on the state of legal education from prelaw to practice, and various programs and services LSAC offers to promote quality, access, and equity in legal education. Panelists will also be happy to answer questions you may have.


  • Kellye Testy, President and CEO, Law School Admission Council
  • Camille deJorna, Interim CDO and Deputy for Legal Education, Law School Admission Council
  • Evan Didier, Director of Enrollment Management, Law School Admission Council
  • Fé LopezGaetke, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Law School Admission Council