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ABA Annual Meeting Assembly & Governance


The Law Student Division Assembly is an opportunity for ABA Representatives, SBA Presidents, and Division Entity Liaisons to represent their law school by voting on resolutions that will help form the Division’s voice within the ABA for the coming year. ABA Representatives and SBA Presidents will receive training about their roles as representatives, mingle with fellow leaders at other law schools, and vote for national representatives. Events being on Thursday morning and culminate with the Assembly on Saturday afternoon.

  • Here is a letter to law school administrators to request help with trip costs


The ABA Law Student Division Assembly is the voice of the Division. It is comprised of the Division Entity Liaisons and two official voting delegates from each ABA accredited law school:

The Assembly meets once a year at the Division’s Annual meeting. The Assembly debates and votes on resolutions relating to legal education, student life, and Division governance. It also elects the Division’s three Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates and the Vice Chair.

How to vote and who can vote

All eligible Division Assembly members may vote. This includes:

  • ABA Representatives
  • SBA Presidents
  • Division Entity Liaisons

You do not need to be present at ABA Annual Meeting in order to vote in elections for Law Student Council positions.

*ABA Representatives and SBA Presidents, please check that you are properly reported and eligible to vote by downloading this current listing! Any voters reported after August 9th at 5PM ET will not be able to vote. If you are not listed, you will need to report yourself now by completing this reporting form.

If you can’t attend Annual Meeting, a proxy can cast your vote at Annual Assembly on resolutions! To be eligible to be a proxy, the student must:

  • Be an ABA member.
  • Attend your law school.
  • Be attending Annual Meeting.
  • Exception: Liaisons cannot proxy their vote.

ABA Reps and SBA Presidents must use this form to certify their proxy.

Key Assembly Documents and Links