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Division Assembly Information


The ABA Law Student Division Assembly is the voice of law students in the ABA. It is comprised of:


Assembly Voting Power

Members of the Assembly decide important ABA Law Student Division legislation, and national student leadership elections. Assembly members vote on:

  • Matters before the Assembly, in-person during the ABA Annual Meeting in August.
  • Elected positions for the Law Student Division Council in March and then August.
  • Resolutions submitted at the discretion of the Council for an electronic vote throughout the year.


Submitting a Resolution

Any member of the Law Student Division may submit a resolution to the Law Student Division Council at any time. For the Assembly to consider a resolution at its once a year in-person meeting during ABA Annual Meeting, the resolution must be submitted by June 15.

Review the ABA Law Student Division Resolutions Guide, and review previous resolutions below. You may submit your resolution proposals or questions to the Division Director and/or any member of the Council.


Electronic Voting Procedure

In addition to considering resolutions once a year at an in-person Assembly meeting at Annual Meeting in August, The Law Student Division Council may put forward resolutions for an electronic vote of the Assembly at any time during the year through its Remote Meeting and Electronic Voting Policy [PDF].


Any Division member can submit a resolution to the Council for consideration. Please contact a Council member for more information.


Previous Electronic Resolution Results


Sample Assembly Resolutions