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Legal Volunteer Opportunities


Getting involved in bar association work is your first step to becoming a volunteer in the legal profession.

Law students who wish to volunteer their time to promote a positive image for law students, the legal profession, and the justice system can find many options available to them from various legal sources.  This page contains a few of those resources.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at (312.988.5125).


Law Student Division Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Hone your leadership skills and build your resume as the voice of law students at a national level. Think you have what it takes? Join our volunteer student leadership team.


Participate in the Activities of Your Bar Association

Law students can join up to five free ABA specialty groups for free. And once you do, get active! You’ll find hundreds of committees within ABA groups. They’re looking for law students who want to help. Not only a great way to volunteer and learn about the ABA, but an opportunity to meet experienced volunteers and show them your skills in work environment.

At the American Bar Association practice specialty group committees draw membership from law professionals with common professional interests, and operate much like independent bar associations with their own officers, dues and committees. They address professional development, improvement of laws, and continuing education through the work of committees, publications, periodicals and journals.


Other Resources to Find Legal Volunteer Opportunities

Pro Bono and Public Service
Serves as the ABA’s center of activity for the development and promotion of pro bono policies and initiatives. Activities include fostering the development of pro bono programs and activities by law firms, bar associations, corporate legal departments, law schools, government attorney offices and others; analyzing the scope and function of pro bono programs; and proposing and reviewing legislation that affects lawyers’ ability to provide pro bono legal services. Tell me more