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Client Counseling Competition

Client Counseling Competition 2017

Congratulations to 2016-17 National Champions University of Nebraska College of Law (pictured above). Full results»

About the Client Counseling Competition

The Client Counseling competition addresses fundamental skills necessary for all successful attorneys, namely the ability to interview, counsel, and support a client through their legal issue.  Competitors conduct an initial interview with a person playing the role of the client and then address both the client’s legal and non-legal needs.  Students are called on to explain various aspects  of the attorney-client relationship, build rapport, determine client goals, and consider applicable law and options that may be available to the client.

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2017-2018 Client Counseling Competition Topic, Registration Information, and Fees

2017-2018 Client Counseling Dates and Locations

Client Counseling Problems and Final Round Recordings

Client Counseling Problems and Final Round Recordings Annual Subscription $25

Recent Client Counseling Competition problems the Championship Round recordings are now available for your use. This annual subscription is $25 for access to the 2016-17 and 2015-16 competition problem and recording. Each problem and video may be downloaded and shared within your school.

The problems and videos are intended for educational purposes, for all other uses, please contact Copyrights & Contracts, American Bar Association, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654; phone (312) 988-6102; fax (312) 988-6030; email:

Client Counseling Competition Finalists

Competition Rules and Guidelines

Updates for the 2017-18 season will be available in the fall.

Regional Host Schools

The Client Counseling Competition depends on law schools to host the regional competitions. To create a fair rotation of this responsibility we have created the Host Rotation Schedule and assigned participating schools to upcoming years. Please review this rotation to see when your school is assigned to host. If you cannot host in the year assigned, please contact

2017-2021 Client Counseling Regional Host Rotation Schedule

*Schools listed in the rotation schedule are not confirmed hosts until they are listed in the 2017-18 Dates and Locations.

Regional Assignments

Each registered law school must rank their regional preference for Host Schools. The Law Student Division will use its best efforts to assign each school to its first or second choice. Priority will be given to those schools in geographic proximity of their first or second choice.

Each school will receive official notification of its regional assignment. Participants should not make travel plans until they have received their official regional assignment from the ABA Law Student Division and confirmation of the competition dates from the regional Host School. Competition Dates and Locations Host Dates and Locations will be posted as they are finalized throughout the summer.

Competition Format & Team Composition

A team consists of two JD candidates attending the same ABA-approved law school. The regional competition consists of three qualifying rounds with each team competing indirectly against one or two other teams in each round. The teams are presented with a different client matter in each round. After the qualifying rounds, the top six teams advance to the semifinal round, culminating with the three winning teams in the final round.

Competition Dates

Competition Dates

Find out when and where the Client Counseling Competition will be happening.

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