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NAAC Dates and Locations


2021-2022 Regional Dates and Locations

All regional and national competitions for 2021-2022 will be held remotely.

Entry and Fee Payment Deadline
November 1, 2021
*Any registrations after this day, or registered teams who are late in submitting payment, will be accepted at the discretion of the Law Student Division.

Regional Preference Form Due
November 12, 2021
Complete the 2021-2022 NAAC Regional Preference Form HERE

Competitors’ Names & ABA Membership ID Numbers Due
November 12, 2021
Submit Competitors’ Names & ABA Membership ID Numbers HERE

IMPORTANT: All competition participants must be ABA Premium Members. Please ensure that all team members, including alternates, have an ABA Premium Membership when you submit their names to ensure they are eligible to compete.

Please update the student’s memberships here before submitting your competitor’s names: Law Student Premium Memberships

If your school would like to create or update multiple memberships at once, please email each student’s name, email, address, and membership number (if known) to Please include your phone number so we can contact you for payment.

Problem Distributed
November 15, 2021 (estimated)
*The problem will only be distributed to schools that have submitted their competitor names.

Regional Assignments Distributed
November 19, 2021 (estimated)

Briefs Due
Monday, January 10, 2022 at 11:59am

Regional Competition Weekends
February 17-19, 2022 – Pacific & Eastern Time Zone
February 24-26, 2022 – Eastern & Central Time Zone
March 3-5, 2022 – Eastern & Central Time Zone

Regional schedules are expected to follow the sample schedule provide in the NAAC Rules, except that the Team Meeting usually held Thursday afternoon, may be held on Wednesday to allow for additional questions.

National Finals
April 7-9, 2022