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NAAC Brief Grader Information


Brief Grader Registration

NAAC teams begin this prestigious competition by submitting a brief in early January. Law student teams of 2-3 people must develop arguments and write their briefs with limited faculty assistance.

Small panels of brief graders review groups of briefs from teams who will also compete against each other at regional oral argument competitions. The scores from all graders are combined for an average score which may be lowered by penalties for lateness or formatting violations. These scores determine the pairings for oral argument rounds 1 and 2 and are incorporated into round scores for each team.

As a brief grader, you are not also signing up to judge an oral argument round. If you would like to, please return to the NAAC Judges page for more details.

Judging Materials

Duties include:
Reading the NAAC Problem and Bench Memo
Grading approximately eight briefs
Approximately 3 weeks to grade and return
Briefs will be distributed the 2nd week of January and should be delivered to you by January 15th.
Grades must be returned by Monday, February 3, 2021

Why grade briefs
Help improve writing skills for future attorneys! Team coaches will use your scores to work with each team to improve their substantive and stylistic writing skills.
See new writing styles from upcoming attorneys across the country
Help determine which teams advance to the Competition Finals

2020-21 Topic: Civil Rights Law
Framed in the context of a lawsuit regarding the First Amendment rights of a public employee, this year’s problem focuses on the qualified-immunity doctrine. The first issue considers how courts should define “clearly established law” within the current qualified-immunity doctrinal framework. The second issue focuses on whether the Supreme Court should modify or eliminate the current qualified-immunity doctrine.