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Meet Our Leaders


Meet our Leaders

Our law student leaders are the the voice of law students in the ABA, the largest legal association. And what about you? Interested in learning leadership skills, advocating on behalf of US law students, and making connections with attorneys? Learn about leadership opportunities.

Law Student Division Council

Your national law student leadership team.

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Law Student Elections

Take an active role in deciding who will be the ABA's voice for law students, nationwide. (Or run for office yourself!)

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ABA Representatives

Every ABA-approved law school has an ABA rep. Reps promote ABA membership on campus and get a vote on ABA and Law Student Division Policy.

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SBA Presidents

The presidents of each ABA-approved law school is also a voter in the Law Student Division assembly.

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Want to learn more about an ABA specialty group? See who the Law Student Liaison is for all ABA groups.

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The LSD assembly includes all ABA Reps and SBA Presidents. The assembly votes on policy and elects candidates once a year at ABA Annual Meeting.

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