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Assembly Caucuses


Caucuses provide a forum for like-minded law students to connect, promote awareness of specific issues to law students across the country, and explore legislative options within the ABA.

Members of the caucuses use ABA Communities to collaborate, an online platform where members can network, exchange ideas, get advice and discuss information with each other.

Join one or more of the caucuses listed by clicking on each link below. Sign in using your ABA member login information to be directed to each community.

About ABA Communities

The ABA has officially launched our new member communication platform, ABA Communities. This new platform is designed to make it easier to collaborate within committees, discuss important topics with other members, and conduct the business of the ABA.

What can I do on the new ABA Communities site?

ABA Communities was selected for its ease of use and the ability for you to:

  • Join committees and groups of interest to you
  • Update your profile and the information that others see about you
  • Participate in discussions within groups
  • Access important files made available by staff liaisons
  • RSVP for group events and seamlessly add them to your calendar
  • Keep current with groups activities by receiving a daily digest of activity

How do I get started?

To get started, we recommend the following to have seamless experience:

  1. Login to
  2. After being successfully logged in, go to communities.americanbar….
  3. Click login and you will be taken to an activation screen to put in a location. We suggest using city, country and selecting from the choices presented as you type. Alternatively, you may just use United States as well.

Upon completion of the location your profile will be activated on the new platform! Please take the time to read the Welcome page which provides a wealth of information on how to get around on the new platform.

Is there training available?

We have made short tutorial videos available and a FAQ to help acclimate you to the new platform. Those can be accessed at anytime by using these links:

Who do I contact for help or more information?

Contact the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2221 or (312) 988-5000 from 9 am to 6 pm ET Monday through Friday or at