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PresentedBy-LCCYou’ve resisted the urge to get a master’s degree in English. You hate the sight of blood, so you avoided med school. No matter what led you to the law, you are starting to look for a path to use your law degree.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The ABA Legal Career Quiz is not a scientific instrument. It’s a quick introduction to help you as you explore your career options. We can point you in the right direction as you narrow down the pathways that may interest you.

So … what type of lawyer should you be?


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Even though it may be obvious, going to law school is a significant investment of time and money. Do your diligence before applying and while attending. Learn as much as you can about what lawyers do and all the walks you can pursue with a law degree. We hope this quiz has helped.

Please watch the ABA Legal Career Center web pages for further publications, programs, and profiles designed to provide an array of information and inspiration to you now and as you progress in the profession. And take advantage of ABA law student membership.

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