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Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

As the home for lawyers who work for, interact with, or study government entities, our Section seeks to enhance their professional development, and further the vital public interest in effective, efficient, and fair administration at all levels of government. It serves these goals through education, dialogue, publications, and proposals for reform. It is our mission to (1) be the leader in providing professional development opportunities for current and future administrative law practitioners; (2) lend our legal expertise to the resolution of important administrative law issues at the state, national and international levels; (3) provide authoritative and practical analyses and products for the improvement of administrative law and practice; and (4) provide settings in which government, private, and academic lawyers, and the judiciary can exchange insights and information.

More than 40 section committees monitor and review agency actions, new legislation and case law in areas such as rulemaking, adjudication and judicial review, as well as on more specific subjects such as homeland security, transportation, immigration, energy and environment, freedom of information and the role of the ombudsman. Working groups are developing recommendations in numerous areas of administrative law including health care access proposals, federal agency preemption, financial regulations, modifications to the MSAPA, etc. Participation on a committee, task force or working group is one of the key benefits of membership in the Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section, according to our current members.

The section holds three annual CLE programs, the Administrative Law Conference in the fall, and in the spring the Homeland Security Law Institute and the National Institute of Administrative Law. These programs feature in-depth analysis of current law and practice, with insights gleaned from faculty who are leaders in government, academia and private practice. Opportunities to network abound, and dialogue on issues of importance to the rule of law and the profession provide rich rewards to those Section members who serve as panelists, program organizers or chairpersons.

Members of the Section receive the quarterly Administrative & Regulatory Law News magazine, the quarterly Administrative Law Review, and the annual Developments in Administrative Law compendium, as benefits of membership. Opportunities to submit manuscripts to these publications, and to author additional books on administrative law issues in regulatory policy, rulemaking, transparency or adjudication are key benefits of membership in the Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section.

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Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Gellhorn-Sargentich Law Student Essay Competition

Discuss any topic relating to administrative law. The competition is open to currently enrolled students of ABA-accredited law schools who are also members of the ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice and who are legal permanent residents or citizens of the U.S. Submissions can include papers submitted for a law school course, law review notes and comments, or pieces written specifically for the competition.

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