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Judicial Division

The Judicial Division is dedicated to improving the American judicial system and to encouraging all stakeholders who have a strong interest in this goal to work collaboratively toward this common objective. The Judicial Division has over 4,000 members, including judges from federal, state, local and tribal courts at the trial and appellate levels, as well as members from the state and federal administrative law judiciary. Our membership also includes lawyers who practice in all of these courts, court administrators, legal academicians and law students.

Within the Judicial Division we have six constituent conferences: the Appellate Judges Conference, the Lawyers Conference, the National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary, the National Conference of Federal Trial Judges, the National Conference of Specialized Court Judges, and the National Conference of State Trial Judges. We also have a Tribal Courts Council for tribal lawyers and judges. The JD supports the work of each of these constituent groups and provides the overarching structure that brings judges and lawyers together.

The Judicial Division’s theme for this year is Building Confidence in the Justice System. Our efforts will focus on four pillars, each of which are critical to achieving this goal, including: diversity of the bench and bar; educating the public about the justice system; obtaining and retaining a talented judiciary; and ensuring high quality in the justice system. Each of these pillars is essential to ensuring confidence in the justice system. With ongoing and new projects, we will redouble our efforts in this noble pursuit.

In addition to these projects in support of our role as guardians of the legal profession, we consider our duty to provide value and benefit to our members as part of a membership organization to be equally important. We do that at both the Division level and through our six constituent groups, providing exceptional continuing judicial and legal education, meaningful networking opportunities, and high quality publications.

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Judicial Division

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The Judicial Division is the home for judges, lawyers and students dedicated to promoting and improving the administration of justice, judicial independence and the bench and bar relationship.

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