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Quimbee Champion v. Ames

Lottery appeal gamble doesn't stand a chance (Champion v. Ames)

This is the latest in a series of case brief videos. Have you signed up for your Quimbee membership? The American Bar Association offers three months of Quimbee study aids (a $72 value) for law student members. Ready to go all in? Go Platinum and get 3 years of unlimited

Struck out at OCI? It’s not the end of the world

Niki Khoshzamir September 10, 2018

It’s happened – you did not get a callback from OCI. You now have the opportunity to approach the rest of the interview season and law school more strategically and make circumstances change in your favor.

Mental note: Law School Mental Health Day moves to Oct. 10

ABA Law Student Division August 30, 2018

The ABA Law Student Division has officially moved Law School Mental Health Day to October 10. This change affords all of us an earlier opportunity to bring our services and resources to our students.

Graduating from law school debt-free

Valerie Chartier-Hogancamp June 07, 2018

“Law school” and “debt-free” may seem like an oxymoron these days. Mainstream media and law school admissions blogs alike are filled with stories of newly-minted lawyers who are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and without an income adequate to pay off that debt. But I am here to tell you that it is not only possible—but entirely attainable—to graduate law school without any (or with only minimal) student loan debt.

The Gamble of Public Service Loan Forgiveness

ABA Law Student Division June 22, 2017

Young lawyers are needed to fill public service roles but often law school debt funnels them into higher paying positions. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness

What kind of lawyer will you be? Take the Legal Career Quiz

ABA Law Student Division February 18, 2016

Some attorneys knew what kind of law they want to practice long before law school. Others may be well into their career and still trying

In-House Law: Do They Even Hire Students?

Carla DeVelder November 01, 2013

The stereotypical career trajectory for an in-house lawyer begins at a midsize to large law firm. As corporate legal departments have not traditionally been equipped

Student Lawyer: Navigating your own law school experience

ABA Law Student Division September 17, 2018

The issue of Student Lawyer takes to the stormy seas of your own personal choices on how to study in law school. Experts weigh in on what works and doesn’t in studying and share their best advice for figuring out what will work for you.

A Jersey Boy in California: From the stage to the legal field

Kara Blomquist September 06, 2018

If you’ve seen any advertisements for the musical Jersey Boys in New York City, chances are you’ve seen Graham Fenton, a second-year student at UCLA School of Law.

How do you ace OCI? The experts help you prep for on-campus interviews

ABA Law Student Division July 19, 2018

Are you getting ready for on-campus interviews? Nervous about how you'll do? To help you get ready for OCI, lawyers from both sides of the

The power of mentors and sponsors

Tiffany Graves March 05, 2018

Mentors provide guidance and advice, but they do not necessarily act as a coach or advocate like sponsors.  Those wanting career guidance and advice typically seek out mentors and, at times, mentors are assigned to professionals new to a particular industry or organization. 

How to resist the allure of a traditional practice

Student Lawyer January 01, 2017

Don’t send another resume before reading these stories of lawyers who forged their own career path— and are glad they did.

Is politics your passion?

Lynae Tucker January 01, 2017

A Congressional staffer shares his story and offers suggestions on how to build a satisfying career in public service.

Diary of a part-time special education lawyer (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division June 08, 2018

Being a lawyer can sometimes seem like an all-consuming profession, but for lawyers with external responsibilities, part-time practice is a good option. In this episode

How to overcome barriers as a young, aspiring judge (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division May 11, 2018

Judge Wilhelmina Wright shares her advice to any young, aspiring judges about building confidence, taking responsibility, and overcoming barriers in their careers with the Law Student Podcast.