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Dealing with the pressures of law school (podcast)

The pressures of law school are intense, leading to inordinate amounts of stress and mental health issues for law students. So how can students remain productive without losing themselves in the heavy workload? Podcast host Ashley Baker welcomes licensed professional counselor Dionne Smith to discuss strategies

Defining success in terms of satisfaction starts in law school

Sarah Lahlou-Amine October 11, 2019

As a first-generation lawyer, I really didn’t know what to expect from the practice of law.  I wasn’t prepared for the pressure and the stress,

Intervention: The benefits of stepping in with compassion

Joanna Sandstrom October 10, 2019

August 2018, on a late Thursday afternoon, I received a call asking me if I was available to come up and meet with

Don’t overlook retirement when paying down student debt

Michael Lux March 12, 2019

Getting that first student loan bill can be terrifying.  For many borrowers, it is the precise moment the monopoly money of student loans

Are Graduate PLUS Loans the best way to borrow for law school?

Michael Lux February 13, 2019

There is a great debate in the legal and financial aid community.  Is it a good idea to borrow money for law school?  How much

Words to live by: The Advice Issue of Student Lawyer

Student Lawyer October 01, 2019

Lawyers and law students come together in this issue to help you become the lawyer you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

Lawyers reveal the best advice they’ve received from their colleagues

G.M. Filisko October 01, 2019

The best lawyers are those who are constantly open to growing, and sometimes that growth comes from unexpected sources.

Your OCI toolkit: How to build your case for the big on-campus interview

ABA Law Student Division August 02, 2019

It's not exactly Game of Thrones. But in OCI, you gotta play to win. And we're here to help you slay at your

Webinar Replay: So You Want to be an In House Counsel - Video

ABA Section of Litigation April 19, 2019

Whether you’re a law student, young lawyer, or transitioning attorney, find out what it’s like to work as an In-House Counsel.

What can you do with your law degree? (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division August 14, 2019

Many law students are motivated by the desire to make a difference, but how can they hone in on opportunities that align with

JD detours: Alternative career paths for lawyers

Ambrosio Rodriguez December 03, 2018

Studies have found that approximately one out of every five students pursues an alternative career path after law school. There are many different careers that can benefit from your law degree. The job that’s best for you will ultimately depend on your most valuable skills and what you want to do.

Dealing with the pressures of law school (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division October 16, 2019

Dionne Smith offers guidance for law students to manage their personal well-being throughout the rigors of law school.

What the Law Student Division Council has planned for 2019-2020 (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division September 13, 2019

Newly elected ABA Law Student Division national chair Johnnie Nguyen and delegate of communications Julie Merow discuss the goals of the 2019-2020 council.