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5 basic things 3Ls should be considering and doing to get a job

Avery Blank January 14, 2020

It is n­­ever too early to start your job search. As soon as you finish your last 2L class, you should be thinking

Law school grades are not your story — you are your story

Heidi K. Brown January 09, 2020

Whether they are excellent or less-than-ideal, your grades don’t define you. You define you. You are worthy of this profession and we need you.

PSLF and LRAPs: The facts on loan forgiveness

Katherine Vega November 01, 2019

It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about paying off law school loans. In some cases, if

Don’t overlook retirement when paying down student debt

Michael Lux March 12, 2019

Getting that first student loan bill can be terrifying.  For many borrowers, it is the precise moment the monopoly money of student loans

Student Lawyer: There are many paths to the career you'll love

Student Lawyer January 02, 2020

It can be incredibly isolating to feel like your experience is dramatically different from that of everybody else around you and that few

Later-than-most to law school

Barbara Vargo January 01, 2020

Contrary to popular opinion, there are advantages that come with age, and they can help in law school.

Ask the Hiring Attorney: How do I hire a legal recruiter?

Shauna Bryce December 20, 2019

Q: How do I find a legal recruiter I can hire to help me find a job after I graduate and pass the bar?

Your OCI toolkit: How to build your case for the big on-campus interview

ABA Law Student Division August 02, 2019

It's not exactly Game of Thrones. But in OCI, you gotta play to win. And we're here to help you slay at your

Death becomes her: Plotting a career in funeral law

Emily Albrecht January 01, 2020

Insurance defense litigator Emily Albrecht digs into a specialty that would mortify other lawyers.

From J.D. to Plan B: It's time to take a chance on yourself

Jamie Diaferia January 01, 2020

Your career may not be a straight line. But if you know what you’re good at, you’ll get where you’d like to be.

From law student to Marine, to Senator: Career highlights with Dan Sullivan

ABA Law Student Division January 10, 2020

In this edition of the ABA Law Student Podcast, new co-host Meg Steenburgh welcomes US Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska for an in-depth discussion of his

Colorado U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn talks about his career (podcast)

ABA Law Student Division November 18, 2019

Learning from seasoned lawyers truly helps law students gain perspective on where they want to take their legal career in the future. In